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"Can you kindly point out to me where I said that Hitler or Dahmer "can do lip service and get a reward"?"

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Romantic transgirl sucking cock and kissing

Romantic transgirl sucking cock and kissing

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Big dick deep penetration on woman
Big dick deep penetration on woman

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Barisar 8 months ago
Why? None of the RWNJ deplorables are upholding it now.
Meztikinos 8 months ago
Yes I know asking questions you have the inability to answer makes me a fool.
Dakora 8 months ago
Nope, it is what is written, black on white. No interpretation there even if Bible is so full of contradictions.
Tygolabar 8 months ago
Which makes your appeal to the fact that air is mostly transparent reasonable how?
Teshicage 8 months ago
Good morning all you credit hunting and using stinkers and Stinkerettes! It is a beautiful cloudy day and the sunshine will happen eventually. I just know it. the coffee is on and the library will open at noon. overdue books are $0.05 a day.
Vijind 8 months ago
On that we absolutely agree. I do not care which side of politics you are on, once your actions become illegal or unlawful you should be arrested and prosecuted.
Mikazuru 7 months ago
at the moment your children are dying, you'd be "They are so lucky!"?
Tanris 7 months ago
How? Are you denying evolutionary biologists doubt natural selection produced diversity? Gradualism too? Im relaying info, theirs. The only part I opinionated was about the hybrids.
Shakazahn 7 months ago
Re: the Justice Department ? which normally defends federal laws in court ? abandoning that policy and instead saying the ACA's individual mandate has become unconstitutional and also asking courts to strike down protections for pre-existing conditions, Sessions is (unsurprisingly) a hypocrite:
Kigasar 7 months ago
Anything can be an idol, if you put IT before God, Gods word etc
Shar 7 months ago
I can't even express my disappointment in your failure to read, comprehend, empathize, relate...
Zunris 6 months ago
Today in this world an atheist can be killed in 17 Islamic countries.
Tojas 6 months ago
Deworming from parasites is always stupid - from parasites' perspective.
Kazikinos 6 months ago
The good stuff, or like sperm from a male Kardashian? Those genetics need to stop!
Shakazuru 6 months ago
Yes, you are quote mining and lying.
Zulrajas 6 months ago
Again with the religious slight of hand, answer a question with a question.
Zulkishura 6 months ago
So many people who live a more casual life don't seem to be that bright.
Gardashura 5 months ago
What's one thing about you that you wouldn't want me to tell my momma?
Tygogor 5 months ago
No. One has to assert exactly who they are talking about.
Muhn 5 months ago
Your assumption is that everything is contained within this Universe and that such energies are not coming from other sources outside this Universal Dimension. Why are there energies at all? Where did they come from? Physics tend to discover those unseen energies and try to define them in a more relative terminology.
Gazahn 5 months ago
You dont have the slightest idea of what homophobia is...
Vojora 5 months ago
you are preggers again?
Fetaur 5 months ago
Thanks, I will! Just looking for that "right moment" now.
Kajigar 5 months ago
False. They were wanted by someone. But, of course, you would rather murder them than help them.
Arashikasa 4 months ago
It says "won't be tried as an adult".
Akinozahn 4 months ago
Explain how its the fault of people living pay check to pay check? They are mostly white people bubba. Black people have always lived from payday to payday. We use to say, "we ran out of money before we ran out of month". Since you don't think people deserve help. Does it mean that you are content with this oligarchy we have?
Vukora 4 months ago
God's Kingdom is about to exercise its authority over the Earth.
Kegore 4 months ago
If you look closely you will see it is the religious who are morally and ethically bankrupt.
Vozilkree 4 months ago
Interesting how far you've come in just this one conversation. You might reconsider starting with "There are no atheists in foxholes" next time. There's a reason it has no respect as a cliche.
Febei 4 months ago
ah I see, I apologize for impugning your manners. interesting question, people seem willing enough to talk about immigration in Europe. maybe it's because it's appears to be an effect of Trump policy, meaning people are hesitant to comment on a problem that the US has been dealing with for a while and has just recently kicked up the road. we've had this problem forever and still don't have a good answer... welcome to the party Canada, not sure what to tell you?
Kigadal 4 months ago
but you are
Kecage 3 months ago
"I didn't lie"

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