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"says you, not everyone. Therefore, not objective morality"

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Watch Movie Sex Scenes Online
Watch Movie Sex Scenes Online
Watch Movie Sex Scenes Online
Watch Movie Sex Scenes Online

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Fenrit 7 months ago
Your Ferrari analogy is tired and completely irrelevant to the discussion. That a mechanical object is designed has no bearing on the origin of life on earth 4 billion years ago.
Gugore 7 months ago
Ugghhhh ... we do. It's called historical investigation. Heard of it, bud? Forget that, you clearly don't understand ancient historical methods, especially when applied to the Gospels. Since I'm a history buff and am annoyed at intellecutal laziness, I will direct you to a full-length academic book you can read freely online that will straighten you out.
Zugor 7 months ago
I don?t make a habit of going to a link to read someone?s argument. I prefer you make your own argument.
Daisida 7 months ago
Then what's inductive reasoning to science, if not building off past evidence to progress new, unseen evidence? Its faith or confidence level in the premise!
Shakazilkree 6 months ago
Lol do you believe in russiagate?
Tetaxe 6 months ago
Hmm, I guess it depends why she called him. If it was because it's daddy's car, that's concerning. But just for advice on the legal aspects isn't a bad idea, especially if she hadn't managed to crash her car around much as a youth like some of us lol.
Vizilkree 6 months ago
You forgot a few (hhhhhhhhhh) in your ahhhhhhhh... Mustn't be lazy at $7.25 per hour, "winner".
Tuzil 6 months ago
Yes, God is a crappy God. That's been settled. Now, shall we make a life style out of pissing about it? Apparently yes.
Voodootilar 6 months ago
Surely you can give even a purely hypothetical response?
Meztikinos 6 months ago
Ok, here we go again, lol. I would certainly agree there are sometimes personal biases for this theory or that. Few show the blindness that religious faith adds to the mix. That changes little about what DNA actually tells us.
Gataur 6 months ago
Sounds like they can't control their kids. Blame the teacher.
Kazrazshura 6 months ago
Whats a fwb?
Sajin 5 months ago
The Protestant Church doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation for peace and acceptance either, though.
Voodoojind 5 months ago
You do realize that weather and climate are different things, right? Climate controls weather patterns. They changed the name from global warming to climate change to help people realize the distinction of climate and weather. The US military supports the idea that climate change will have an impact on their bases world wide, but I guess they are just trying to get some of that sweet sweet climate change money as well.
Vukus 5 months ago
Who says animal has to have a definition? It's common knowledge. Science. Many species of mammals, for starters. Not debated. Man is a mammal, but not an animal in the sense of not being in the image and likeness of God.
Mokree 5 months ago
You keep parroting, "small changes over long periods of time". But never give hard evidence for that. I understand the TOE. I accept micro, but not macro evolution solely on evidence. The jumps the species have to make are unreachable. If I give you wheels and a body, can you come up with a Boeing 747 jet? I'm gonna need to not just give you the blue prints for the jet, but all the millions of parts to build it. And even then, I doubt you would be able to build it given unlimited amounts of time.
Bazuru 4 months ago
What do you think needs to happen before we can all live in peace and in community together with other races, cultures and ethnic diversity?
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