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"That's not even close to what Rom 1:27 says."

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European bride russian brides ukraine
European bride russian brides ukraine

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Guzshura 7 months ago
I put no great store in the 'our' part of perception...just to make it clearer, I'm the same way about 'my'perception...but I do put some store in the words supposedly inscribed on the Oracle at Delphi:
Faum 7 months ago
The courts don't make law. Every moment of this is unjust. You are not entitled to vote under the U.S. constitution, you are not entitled to keep your residence in the U.S.A. If I go 100 MPH on the freeway, I get a ticket. If I don't pay the ticket. I get arrested. Legal immigrants come to America all the time. They become naturalized citizens and vote in our elections. Illegal immigrants have no honor. No moral compass and no responsibility to follow the law. The requirements and waiting times to become a citizen is unreasonable in The United States. In The United States you possess more human rights than you would in Mexico or El Salvadore. This is because we have a system of complex laws and responsibilities, ethics, justice. If you break the law you are going to turn the U.S. into those places in which you fled from. An arbitrary lawless hell hole. Follow the law, become a citizen, and you wont be punished.
Akir 7 months ago
coward? we're not talking about running into a burning building here, lets not digress into hyperbole so quickly. you're admonishing me for not answering your questions, when that's exactly what you refused to do, only you posited an opinion that warranted the questions. thus, boring.
Migal 6 months ago
Free food, free abortions, free housing, free phones, free electricity, free cable, free transportaion, free college, free education, free health care, free job training, free retirement....
Melar 6 months ago
There are not enough votes to even send impeachment to the floor for discussion.
Mezijinn 6 months ago
i haven't blocked anyone yet
Mausida 6 months ago
Being the majority does not make us privileged, it makes us visible. That's all.
Maudal 6 months ago
I agree your mom is a saint
Gokora 6 months ago
continue with the same attitude...just have a little patience!!!
Nigrel 6 months ago
A slinky or dice.
Shakarn 5 months ago
Here, I'll commit to conclusion. I would say as written, the Exodus is 100 percent fantasy.
Dalkis 5 months ago
You were the subject of a study at Cambridge University?
Faucage 5 months ago
That's because an atheist will have a real life issue to kill multitudes of people for. Granted the end result is the same, but not done in the name of atheism.
JoJohn 5 months ago
WHAT WAS this hypocrisy you lying GARBAGE were saying about "CHILDREN"?
Yocage 5 months ago
I somehow don't think you understood what it meant.
Tohn 5 months ago
Aside from the fact that the OP is predicated on a lie, the only thing correct in this entire OP is the 7-2 split. Everything else is blatantly trolling the rest of us.
Akinokus 5 months ago
That's a definition I can agree with. My spiritual beliefs are totally based on faith--they are zero empircal, and not reason based...yet they exist and I don't deny them.
Mizuru 4 months ago
I'd been thinking about that as I write. (The first Jewish exile, for instance.)
Toshakar 4 months ago
You brought up drugs. Lord, just imagine a contact who is on PCP. Rational behavior is right out and if they get amped up they can do truly nighmareish things. My brother told me about a guy who was on PCP and got into a car wreck. He was a big guy too. He actually cracked the EMS backboard while strapped down. He was the kind of guy you could empty a pistol into and he'd still keep coming long after anyone else went down.
Zulkilrajas 4 months ago
I already stated it didn't need to be established on the world stage, although that would help if it is to be accepted here.

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