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Genesis group on purity for teens

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From: Daikree
Category: Interracial
Added:9 months ago
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"So now you are blaming poor immigrants for a Policy Trump and friends created and implemented?"

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Genesis group on purity for teens
Genesis group on purity for teens
Genesis group on purity for teens
Genesis group on purity for teens

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Dimi 9 months ago
So living in the past it IS!!
Kigashura 9 months ago
It should be a place for a guy to be a guy. We should be able to just have fun sometimes without the women around. Likewise when women go see male strippers the husbands ain?t hanging around.
Meztishakar 8 months ago
Are you drunk or just plain old stupid? Nevermind its obvious you're both
Tobar 8 months ago
omg. seriously. Dude, please take a seat and be silent.
Kazragore 8 months ago
I take it as yes. Thanks for the entertainment.
Meztigami 8 months ago
I don't know about you, but I will do anything for love, but I won't do that.
Faegor 8 months ago
hard to convince closed minds.
Tygogrel 7 months ago
Says the clown who supports a racist like Trump. Move out of your parents' house you three time loser.
Gardat 7 months ago
I'm hanging on to mine in case the left gets back in power. The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting small game
Goltiktilar 7 months ago
The often-referenced American Psychological Association Task Force Report (2009) says that contemporary change-allowing therapy does not use aversive or other behavioral methods that were mainstream but ineffective and practiced in early years?before cell phones and the commercial internet. Organizational position papers frequently misrepresent those early methods as if they are still being implemented today, showing their basic lack knowledge about the therapy on which they are taking a position.
Tojanos 7 months ago
So wait a minute religious moderators. YOU allow NoRaceNoRacism-byANYONE to call women sluts, and I cannot quote him when I stand up to his neanderthal, misogynist crap? Interesting.
Tocage 6 months ago
It is their choice. Nobody can force someone to choose for the worse. There are two lives on earth. Choose. Jesus or human. Up to you. We are just here to help you make an "informed choice." No force. Eden is back again.
Jular 6 months ago
As a member of a minority religion I would not want to see a theocracy here, even if my guys were in charge. You can't legislate morality OR righteousness. Forcing people to live by a code they don't believe in will accomplish nothing for either the oppressed or oppressor. You won't get them into heaven by making them live by the code, since both faith AND works are required, no religion I know of believes we are made pleasing to God through works alone.
Zurn 6 months ago
Sure it does. You cannot create a false equivilent in this case.
Genesis group on purity for teens

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