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Mother and son inviting smoking hot

Mother and son inviting smoking hot
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"Yes, civility does seem a difficult task for many Democrats. I read the article links and they are great links to describe the issue. To me the Democrats plan to drastically cut welfare and end job creation programs, seems like a good solution to the deficit. It would be a hard one to sell though. I wish the Democrats the best of luck with it. If Oklahoma were willing to cut back on some of the social programs, we also could have more funding for schools."

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Mother and son inviting smoking hot

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Goltira 7 months ago
I don't know of any Christian business trying to not serve homosexuals. No business with premade product is telling any homosexuals, "no product for you". The Christian business are just not wanting to be part of a sin, i.e. homosexual marriage. Why the left and homosexuals won't deal with facts is just childish.
Zukasa 6 months ago
Well, first certainly is my own sympathy for you. I?m sorry you had to go through that abuse, along with so many others. One thing to know is, the Churches and ministers are human beings full of human failures that reflect the limitations of their worship of God through Jesus. Moreover, that abuse of power is not limited to the Church. It is rife in society. There is much to be learned about how prayer gets structured, and how it can work. Universities and the Freedom of Religion, and even aspects of secularism as true legacies of the love Jesus taught have many transformational lessons to teach.
Kajar 6 months ago
Or praying at the beginning of school events...
Sabei 6 months ago
I don't see where that statement suggests an absolute.
Fenriran 6 months ago
A logical God would be more truthful than what has been presented, so far. Yet, God does not 'exist' in our Temporal Realm, such would be ultimately limiting and confining.
Tolmaran 6 months ago
I'm not your average Jay....
Vudobei 5 months ago
We would grease you down with honey and stake you naked on top of a fire ant colony.
Doran 5 months ago
I was "wrong either way"?
Mezinos 5 months ago
People also seem to forget that "rasium" isn't a word.
JoJok 5 months ago
little is a word that can be interpreted in many ways
Kazrazahn 5 months ago
They rejected his claims, and refused to rule on if he could refuse service. They passed the buck and did not touch his claim. They did state that states had a right to enforce those laws.
Kijas 4 months ago
Sure, so what. Atheism was incidental. ThIs whole silly business of slurring atheists because of the actions of Stalin, etc, ought to stop. Atheists are not mass murderers but respectable and responsible citizens.
Zulkibar 4 months ago
It is hatred and bigotry. The same style we saw in the Jim Crow days. Only people like you now are targeting the minority gays.
Kajishakar 4 months ago
Screw you guys, I'm going shopping!
Shakajora 4 months ago
"Young men don't view marriage as holding much for them anymore."
Akinorg 4 months ago
Everyone can see. There is nothing difficult to see abou
Sashakar 4 months ago
There is a big difference between the Republicans of 1866 and the Republicans of 1966. Compare Andrew Johnson and Barry Goldwater.
Shaktizahn 3 months ago
Are you not equating an anecdote with a survey here?
Zulkihn 3 months ago
That's cute that you and your 'friend' go rollerskating together. Is he really into leather too? Which of you has prettier hair?
Dakus 3 months ago
Now the Baker needs to file a civil suite against the couple to recoup his legal expenses of taking this to the Supreme court.
Ararr 3 months ago
I had thought that many of the Mesopotamian aspects of their culture they would have gotten through their exile. The flood myth as just one example. So if Abraham lived ~ 4000 ago but the Hebrews didn?t exist as monotheists until over a thousand years later it seems that there?s an awfully big gap in their integration of the story......
Mebei 3 months ago
I might know a few of the brokers there...
Nikolkis 2 months ago
It's essentially "do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you." That's the essence of "do naught unto others..." At best, that only gets you up to neutral, so to speak, when followed diligently. I'm not beaten, killed or maimed (possibly not hungry or homeless either), but it's not like you are
Vudogor 2 months ago
Yes! We're being deprived of proper shawarma, dammit.
Megis 2 months ago
Sure! All the cool kids do that :)
Mikamuro 2 months ago
Give me an clear and specific example of how an person hiring staff for their company can refuse to hire people only because they are black, but is not racist, and I will change my absolutely accurate and correct position.
Mazutilar 2 months ago
Believing that there is such a thing as a "supernatural event" is a waste of time. All events conform to laws of nature, by God's invested power in all time-bound entities.
Malalabar 2 months ago
Atomsk, how would basic income screw over third worlds any more than the capitalistic system right now does?
Gokasa 1 month ago
No, sorry Anna, Earth is not fine just the way it is. It is sick and getting sicker each day.
Faesida 1 month ago
Nonsense. An order to CBS and they tack on a premium. They could start in an hour. If its in the system and on the naughty list, the new tarrif is applied.
Yozshuzragore 1 month ago
Are you suggesting that they stop at the first safe country past their border? What obligation do they have to do that?
Dout 1 month ago
There is evidence that girls are fighting more, usually because the idolize reality stars. I don't know if we'll start to see mass shootings from girls unless we start raising them much differently.
Mother and son inviting smoking hot

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