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"No, it isn't. A religion is a set of rituals, beliefs, sacraments, etc used by like minded people in worship, culture or community. A God is an actual supreme being that may or may not be worshipped by people of a religion. And if God exists, he existed far before the first religion. We are talking about the Big Bang (and before), so well over 13 billion years before the first religion."

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Not ukraine mail order brides

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Zushura 6 months ago
Iran has no desire to drive the genocidal lunatics who run Ixrael into the sea. What Iran wants is for these savages to stop butchering the native people of Palestine.
Mauzil 5 months ago
How did you jump from genetic diversity to complexity? And why did move The goal post from DNA sequencing to similarities in other proteins? And you?ve still haven?t committed to any hard numbers where you would be satisfied with common decent... why? I know, hard to move the goal post when you?ve committed to a rational conclusion.
Voodoogami 5 months ago
I agree with Ralph Peters. I call him a patriot. He speaks reality and the truth. I hope the media shows more of him.
Kazihn 5 months ago
I work in the trucking industry, with real Canadians working for us. I know you ain't from Ontario, but maybe the next time you are in the Toronto area, have a look at fellows driving transport trucks. Yesterday they were in the container, today they pull the container. They have driven the industry to shit. I ain't a fan of any of them. Sorry.
Nisida 5 months ago
The classic shotgun blast approach, make so many claims in the OP that it is impossible to have a focused discussion
Mikajin 5 months ago
Israel is a client, not an ally.
Mojinn 5 months ago
The place I go to is very honest: "Our coffee is good because there's a butt-ton of sugar in it."
Zulkigar 4 months ago
So the killing of all those innocent Egyptian children would not be considered murder. If that is the case, why do we get so uptight when someone bombs a school? Your god had a choice to kill the perpetrators of the crime or murder innocent children. He even bragged about murdering the children.
Vibei 4 months ago
colorful lights speaks to my childhood. I'm not putting up a fancy schmancy tree. I want one that speaks to me and my family, and that's colorful lights, superhero and Star Wars ornaments, and the goofy little donkey in a blanket ornament made out of wooden clothes pins
Mazur 4 months ago
I'm for the baker. I'm also for the resturaunt owners who made a stand against a racist self hating elitist ranter who disrupted their business.
Akinogore 4 months ago
I think that is your trump hate shining though
Nitaur 4 months ago
I think I misunderstood the intent of your comment.
Fenrik 4 months ago
Thank you for your kindness. ???????
Nijora 4 months ago
Defense is a verb, it implies action
Shaktizshura 3 months ago
Let's try simple English.

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