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"I challenge you to come out from behind your fancy words and speak plain English. Let us see how it sounds when it's simply and clearly stated."

Must be this tall to ride. I look up at Julie. I thought "Wow, I like these new feelings.

Alicia masturbates on the sofa

Alicia masturbates on the sofa

"She aught to know she's my mom. "I've been memer to tell you, I got a bonus a work. I quickly discovered when I leaned forward slightly, the angle changed which caused the dildo to rub perfectly against my clit.

When he positioned my knees toward my chest I felt hog tied. I'd shop for all the party supplies on Wednesday and Thursday after work so John would have dinner late to accommodate me.

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I want a guy with a punctured member
I want a guy with a punctured member

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Zulkira 6 months ago
The black millionaires have already ruined the NBA and are working on the NFL. Vastly overpaid ghetto escapees who do Not realize that it's Whitey who pays for the outrageous ticket prices that pay them so well. They are killing the goose that laid their golden eggs and won't realize it until it's gone. I used to watch both leagues for entertainment, but quit when all the whining bullshit took over. Be nice if they would support all the out of wedlock kids they leave behind them. Any idiot can make a child, but it takes a man take the responsibility to raise their mistakes.
Voodoogore 6 months ago
Tell me what percentage of the Muslim population of deerborn Michigan has a history of violent crimes?
Brashura 6 months ago
But still a liar.
Gardahn 6 months ago
Just like the rule of thumb worked.
Daijora 5 months ago
It is dishonest for you to tell me how I am applying the word 'faith'.
Mezizshura 5 months ago
Nobody here is suggesting that you should be banned from getting married, that anyone should be free to refuse service to you for being a woman, or anything like that. Meanwhile, you openly defend blatant bigotry.
Tygorn 5 months ago
Nope. I don't have a major illness. Should I wait until I do?
Tegor 5 months ago
I'm not even a Physicist!
Grokazahn 4 months ago
The greatest possible happiness is in the present moment. Hope relates to a future existence. Hope is a response to suffering.
Molrajas 4 months ago
As you know this, you should have no problem proving it. Put up or shut up!
Mazubar 4 months ago
LOL!! I just hopes he blocks me with all his sock accounts as well.
Voodoolkree 4 months ago
Key words = AS WRITTEN!
Akibar 4 months ago
So are you saying that God did not give Jesus as a sacrifice (John 3:16) but that Jesus committed suicide for God and all of us?
Gogul 3 months ago
The learning curve.
Fegis 3 months ago
Talk about me more.
Gagul 3 months ago
None of them were stamp collectors, either. I see a pattern here. . . .
Kasida 3 months ago
So you are not willing to answer a question? It's funny you try to apply reason to your arguments when talking about sin being a non-existent work of fiction by Christians, and yet when someone poses a question of reason to you, your response is to disregard the question, attack the questioner, and morph back to your feelings about the Church. Typical.
Togul 3 months ago
This guy seems immune to facts and new information
Yozshushura 3 months ago
If your answer does not contain the words "yes" or "no", you've failed to answer the question. I will not entertain any reverse questions until you answer mine.
Shaktijind 3 months ago
It seems to me it goes from Jehovah being one of many gods, to being the Chief God, then the only Bad Dude God, to eventually God the Spirit who loves and forgives you.
Sataur 2 months ago
Humans have an innate genetic propensity to submit to a dominant higher power. This higher power can take many forms.
Mazujinn 2 months ago
I think what's practiced is so routinely bald-facedly evil, immoral and contrary to what's written that it's not worth attending.
Felabar 2 months ago
A president has the power of pardon ... period. Impeachment is not a conviction of any kind, it's simply a vote of no confidence by Congress. Removal from office is a whole different subject from impeachment. Can a president pardon in this case himself ? No. First he has to be convicted of a crime to need a pardon mind you while in office. He will be removed for the conviction where he will no longer have the pardon power due to not being the president.
Faugul 2 months ago
OUr new house has a much bigger yard than the old one. Shoud I get some goats for lawn care purposes?
Nikorr 2 months ago
Have you seen SuperTroopers (2001)?
Tygokinos 2 months ago
No. Christian can be a set of cultural practices. Belief isn't needed. Faith is needed to get to heaven; not to partake in the sacraments.
Zololkree 2 months ago
Hmm. Could be. Could be.
Molrajas 2 months ago
Another case against the Christians isn't pro-Atheist by more pro-Polytheist.
Vigar 2 months ago
Why would you do that? What was wrong with him?
Akigore 1 month ago
I don't believe in time-bound deities. They were all creatures like me and you and God was doing miracles through them by His permission because they could do nothing without Him. The only true daeity is the God in the Heaven.
Akisida 1 month ago
No problem...I totally understand THAT point. Cheers!
Meztigami 1 month ago
Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think - "On backs of others." You are referring
Arashikazahn 1 month ago
Jesus will come soon with godly fury to destroy them all.
Voodoora 1 month ago
I didn?t even know it was possible to block a mod. Mainly because at least for me, I don?t really know who are the mods on the various disqus discussions and communities are. I would figure there would be a restriction on blocking mods so as to not circumvent the rules and guidelines. Right?
I want a guy with a punctured member

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