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Painful urination after sex during pregnancy

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"Lol. Yes. As a matter of fact my uncle suffers from that."

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Painful urination after sex during pregnancy

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Vudosar 7 months ago
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Kazrarisar 6 months ago
Cle is a good team. Dysfunctional but good. No excuses.
Shadal 6 months ago
You have read Towey's book 'Uncontrollable' about the Rob Ford Mayoral Titanic? That would be Conservative, Mark Towey.
JoJojora 6 months ago
" Do you agree with Richard Dawkins that cannibalism is...a yummy idea? ;)"
Malajin 6 months ago
No evidence for that. Nothing adds up
Maramar 6 months ago
Abortion is murder
Tagis 5 months ago
Umm Yea. That might be an idea. :-)
Faegar 5 months ago
You are on team husband. He felt the same way.
Moogur 5 months ago
The universe is now officially 14,000,000,020 years old instead of 14,000,000,000 years old.
Malakus 5 months ago
It isn't bigotry to point out bigotry, it isn't racist to point out racism either, nor 'anti-white' and so on. I doubt you have any idea what objective truth is, objective truth basically just means a fact - something that is true for everybody regardless. I did not fail to take into account context, the context within which your many derogatory and racist comments were made is obvious. As for humor? no I do not find bigotry / racism / xenophobia humours and i think it is sad you do,. Goodbye.
Yojas 5 months ago
I did state they would deny it. They are just ignorant, their responses are more troll like then anything. doesn't really bring much if anything to the channel.
Kajilrajas 4 months ago
Ya, I could go along with that
Painful urination after sex during pregnancy

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