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Possible dialogue with russian people

Possible dialogue with russian people
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"and so are sinners who refuse the way, the truth and the life..."

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Possible dialogue with russian people
Possible dialogue with russian people

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Dule 8 months ago
Most people with any regard for journalistic integrity think the Washington Times is a b.s. Rag. You may be "sure more will come out". However, I'll bet money that if there ever is any alleged "something", the "witness" will be some paid twit from Moscow, or a yokel from Butt-zit, Kansas, who has never even been to Lexington. I will be very genuinely surprised if any of the supposedly harassed Sanders family, any employee, or anyone who has a receipt to prove they were there, confirms this wild tale.
Faule 8 months ago
What's good Hotrod! Where you been hiding?
Mucage 8 months ago
Teachers and kids spend more time together than parents and kids. They get to know each other. They kid around. The teacher here went a little too far, but it's a school not a prison farm. Lighten up.
Shaktijin 8 months ago
It can be both.
Nejind 8 months ago
how many times you going to say that to me?
Mezigar 7 months ago
Wynne won by 181 votes.
Zolokasa 7 months ago
The NDP are being upfront about their commitments and putting them up for public scrutiny and review.
Tojashura 7 months ago
I believe it is enoch arden who constantly brings up this tautology as a nail in the coffin of evolution. It is not worth the time to refute it as it is quite ridiculous.
Vulkree 7 months ago
"I feel Obama had an opportunity to show strength and did not."
Grozil 7 months ago
Hey Victor, unrelated hypothetical:
Mazucage 7 months ago
Actually you do not. Evolution is a myth.
Doukasa 6 months ago
Your religious hyperbole means nothing.
Tygobar 6 months ago
When did UNICEF become ? atheist??
Nekree 6 months ago
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. What more proof of a benign creator could you get?
Arashilkree 6 months ago
The gods are a mental con game of the ages still at play.... Useless as a chicken with lips yet adored by many...go figure. Structurally and functionally the world as we know it can be explained without gods - or Bigfoot - No supernature required.
Mahn 6 months ago
Yawn. Your bigotry has gotten tedious.
Nihn 5 months ago
Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this. Comment on the topic or not at all.
Fauzshura 5 months ago
So do I. That has NOTHING to do with Catholic dogma. Another bizarre question.
Faugrel 5 months ago
I grew up in Arkansas, my father hated the Clintons
Mezizilkree 5 months ago
Truth is relative and subjective to the individual. That is an opinion, not a fact. Kierkegaard said
Molabar 5 months ago
"examples that I have NEVER used in a discussion."
Ditaxe 5 months ago
"Agnostic" doesn't mean that you have to have protect a fence-post from any sunlight.
Vushura 4 months ago
Thank goodness for grandparents! Work, well....hopefully, she'll go through it in a breeze and everything will be set straight. #GOTEAMCISCO!!
Doukree 4 months ago
Yes, yes they will. I explained this to you a dozen rimes. I showed you the legal history, you ignored it.
Grole 4 months ago
Not for me it isn't. First of all, my then-husband would disappear when it was time for that chore, and secondly, I needed a nap by the time I was done.
Kajizuru 4 months ago
Should the car salesman refuse to sell you the same car he just sold to someone else... because you might go somewhere *he* didn't approve?
Taumi 4 months ago
The time is now.
Gadal 4 months ago
Obama and Hillary told the Dems & media to blindly resist and that's what they've done, but like all advice from those two, it was worse than worthless.
Possible dialogue with russian people

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