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"No science without Christianity? Really? How about no science without Arabic numbers. Have you tried to do algebra or quadratic equations with roman numerals or without a zero?"

I noticed these young ladies hair were styled the same, even something as simple as their part; in the center or off to the side. "No funny business while we're gone!" Piped in her dad, playfully, as he knew full-well nothing would transpire.

"Nothing you care about.

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Since she wasn't interested in sex again, I would have to cum by my own hand again as I slowly masturbated in the shower thinking of my wife's naked body, sex, and my mother-in-law watching as I had fucked my wife. More of that tendril to suck and please, more of the tentacle amaheur grinding against her sopping wet cunt as it enticed her to play with them.

With a grin, I Posst this was partly my doing, I was still fingering her roughly. His hard on twitched inside of her and on an outward stroke started to spurt so that when he went back inwards again his knees buckled and he felt himself leaning against her for support to stay upright.

The girl pretended to be his mom and resisted his wanting to have sex with her. "Do you know what this is?" He looked amateir my eyes.

Deana swatted his hand away. "Let me help you serve your country " she purred, and released his now akateur hard cock from his shorts. The semen is contained in his testicles. It vibrated with batteries too.

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Kazrahn 1 year ago
Is that an issue?
Akinogrel 1 year ago
Peter, thanks for your thoughtful reply. :-)
Guramar 1 year ago
So, tell me, why should I be worried about that?
Bajora 1 year ago
Yeah, as long as they don't push it on others, I can/will tolerate it. If they do try to push it on others, they will get an eyeful from me. ??
Mikahn 1 year ago
Overall, that's a good assessment of the situation. On the matter of his trial, I think you're making the assumption that both the Jews and the Romans would have understood claiming to be the (or a) Son of God as the same thing as claiming to be the Messiah. The Christians were the first ones to definitively link these two titles. I am also skeptical of the dubious iscariot=sicarius etymology. We do know of one follower of Jesus whose name definitely betrays politically radical activity: Simon the Zealot.
Mokinos 1 year ago
I don?t argue that the Bible doesn?t need to be reinterpreted according to modern humanist theistic understanding. However, you claimed the Bible as "A FALSE HISTORY."
Dougor 1 year ago
It's a cucumber
Targ 1 year ago
I wasn't asking anyone to believe what I say, I was simply stating my beliefs. If you think they are nonesense, that's fine. I can live with that.
Gardadal 1 year ago
I told you already, at least once, that God is not a space fairy. Your continued belief in that lie is your own fault for being uneducated and/or miseducated on the subject. So, therefore, you continue to believe in magic. Also, God is NOT "in the sky" as in dwelling there.
Voodoosida 1 year ago
I find it's not all that hard to be friends with people who disagree on things... so long as they recognize you have the right to disagree.
Meztigul 1 year ago
i say that all day every day :*-(
Kigagor 1 year ago
Sodomy isn't oral sex.
Neshicage 1 year ago
Yes. We will set up a theocracy!
Zolorn 1 year ago
They have the best memes and content, though.
Shakalkree 1 year ago
Yeah but he didn't rape her so it's totes copacetic.
Kajijora 1 year ago
And what makes you think that won't happen? Congress, not the American people, impeaches. Congress is solidly in the hands of not just Republicans, but Tea Party Republicans. They like what their boy in the White House is doing. They won't move against him. As long as this happens a year or so before the next election the electorate will forget about it come polling time.
Diktilar 1 year ago
Maybe because of all harm religion does in the world? Maybe because is abuse of children? Maybe because billions died through history because of it? Maybe because we do not want that times to return? Look also how much harm religious lunatics that govern America do. Etc etc.
Dagul 11 months ago
YOU are the claimant. YOU have the burden of proof. If you can't meet it, which obviously you can't, you are a fraud. If you try to shift YOUR burden of proof on to me, which you are now attempting, you are a cheat.
Vilkis 11 months ago
She was shot 7 times... how is that no harm no foul?
Zulutilar 11 months ago
All good ideas, but that does not equate to cheering for people getting laid off.
Kagabar 11 months ago
For some years back I had a constant heartrate of 45.No symptoms and no explanation. I am not a great athlete .Any ideas?
Garisar 11 months ago
So you'll be happy to see hundreds or thousands of small US businesses go out of business, creating even bigger control of the huge corporations... yup, sounds about right for a Trumpette.
Kazigal 10 months ago
I was just wondering since your response was sort of inadequate compared to the discussion.
Voodoorisar 10 months ago
That's awful.. smh.
Faushura 10 months ago
Who did the Jews slaughter that compares to their treatment in Medieval Europe?
Akinolabar 10 months ago
No, they did not disagree with me. You and others like you misunderstood the ruling, they did not rule in his favor on what he did. Nor can this ruling be used in the other cases, at all.
Branos 10 months ago
being discriminated against and refused service for simply being a minority ain't free either.
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