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Strap Basque Nylon Dreams Nylon Dreams

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"Yes Harold Camping kept getting divine revelations but unfortunately his physical (finite) brains and sensory faculties kept him from getting the date correct. He kept trying."

I cannot even begin to guess how many sexual partners I have had over the years. I lean forward and would be laying on top of her except I use my arms on either side to hold me up, and she kisses Nylpn.

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and one that shook her to the very depths of her sexual fantasy.

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Strap Basque Nylon Dreams Nylon Dreams

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Nikogis 1 year ago
As it is in the religious sense belief without evidence, it most certainly does. Don't try lying your way of it.
Nim 1 year ago
That's crazy that she would loose interest over that. I actually would see this as a positive that you were willing to help your son and his family out like that.
Zulular 1 year ago
Why is evil bad and righteousness good?
Tygorg 1 year ago
Well of course "after you're caught". We don't just disfellowship randomly for nothingness. Come on.
Yozshujar 1 year ago
Sleep is not unconsciousness. It is absence of memory due to absence of objects of perception to remember. Sleep is bliss consciousness which is why we all love to sleep and hate being pulled out of it.
Mesida 1 year ago
It's up to you as claimant to provide describe this afterlife of yours and prove its existence--and the Bible is merely the claim, not the proof. Spare us your dishonesty.
Nikotilar 1 year ago
Wow. I see personal abuse is back big time on LS - thanks : )
Gujar 1 year ago
simply because an employer can not be forced to hire someone. statistically speaking he was a mediocre player. not exactly a motivation for hiring him. on top of which he is accident prone. no team is going to carry that risk.
Aragami 1 year ago
He should have mowed down the leftist bastard professor that had the AR-15
Febar 1 year ago
I know the definition
Mikajas 1 year ago
Hey, congrats old timer. I just had lunch with a buddy who's 70 and very healthy. I'll take modern medicine.
Kajigul 1 year ago
I don't think so.
Vunos 1 year ago
Yea so hes 2-1 now
Maugis 1 year ago
I asked for citations for the bullshit number. You a bullshit irrelevant response.
Mogal 1 year ago
The bigot refused a service based off the people being gay. Open and closed bigotry and discrimination
Vogore 1 year ago
That partly why we did it- because we know how repulsed the left is by him.
Tar 1 year ago
Perhaps you could clarify to a YES or NO.
Dilrajas 1 year ago
'What about the reality of the story that God immediately regrets it and promises to never do it again.'
Zulule 1 year ago
I represent responsibility and accountability.
Voodoojinn 11 months ago
Haha your solution for secularism to provide hope in death is to make it the same thing you consider religion to be?
Zulucage 11 months ago
And it begs the question... would "being in Heaven" mean "being close to God" and wouldn't that mean that you pretty much had to agree with Him that whosoever was being tortured deserved it?
Moogumi 11 months ago
Well, either it could have been too long ago, so they forgot... or they might be recent, and so didn't think it was important... or it could just be "friends" online for games or Disqus.... the kind that some people might be embarrassed about admitting they are only friends through this method and don't know their real name..
Vubei 11 months ago
"I have a couple of business degrees."
Nataxe 11 months ago
Poly want a cracker? Cracker.
Faukree 10 months ago
Interesting. I'll find out.
Kajizragore 10 months ago
Agreed. I need to watch Diane's segment
Kazizshura 10 months ago
This requires thinking, I may need a collective. : )
Tejind 10 months ago
It isn't a sincere apology, Gillette. That would require you to actually fix your actions, which you haven't. You keep mis-spelling Niamh's name as if it isn't literally on your screen when you respond to her.
Tajind 9 months ago
The words of a Christian serving his god.
Strap Basque Nylon Dreams Nylon Dreams

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