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Teen inmate in adult prison

Teen inmate in adult prison
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"Obviously all those supposed physical miracles are metaphors, religious allegory, as is 99% of the rest of the Bible. But getting back to Jesus, whether the historical Jesus existed, I am pointing out that if "Jesus" means the dude who came up with the teachings of the "Word", then we certainly know that person existed, since we know those teachings were floating around as an oral tradition and were being attributed to someone who was claimed to have existed by the name of "Jesus" prior to they being written down within a hundred years of the Jesus character's supposed historical existence. Correct?"

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Teen inmate in adult prison
Teen inmate in adult prison
Teen inmate in adult prison

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Grokinos 7 months ago
The answer wasn't 42, was it?
Zologore 7 months ago
There is no evolution, and never has been. Evolution is a fairytale.
Bajin 7 months ago
I'm not being clear. I'm not interested in being a murder victim: I'm just tired of dealing with inconvenient people. Murder's a one-way street! Cross me once: shame on you!
Tulkree 7 months ago
I had an Aunt who believed that.
JoJozuru 6 months ago
I can not us-see that...
Baramar 6 months ago
Sorry, bro'...evolution's a fact...
Bagis 6 months ago
Doug Ford is a genius compared to Wynne, Horwath and Turdowe. And he is Premier! Ontarians have finally taken their brains out of their back pocket and began to use them for more than pocket lint.
Maulmaran 6 months ago
It's about both
Kizragore 6 months ago
Yeah... but Simon Shama's excellent book "History of the Jews" put that in the context of "horrific things that were happening to the Jews elsewhere in Europe at the same time."
Gagami 5 months ago
This whole comment could be it's own thread.
Tezilkree 5 months ago
Do you think he will go to prb? I have some stuff to say to him
Sagor 5 months ago
Trimming the bush makes the deck look bigger. Manscaping? Another thread?
Shaktira 5 months ago
Pope Benedict (Ratzinger)?s family was anti-N*zi and was harrassed by the local Party. He was in seminary during the war when he was drafted. It?s good not to lose perspective too much.
Vusar 5 months ago
Lol so he's not a fool now?
Tygotaxe 4 months ago
You may have her. Sign x, please!
Kazibei 4 months ago

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