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Xhamster student to teacher

Xhamster student to teacher
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"Actually I think that film is a training film. It only makes sense that medical workers would be trained on how to get an active tear gas canister out of the immediate vicinity of wounded people requiring medical aid."

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Hard Sex and Facial in Public!

Hard Sex and Facial in Public!

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Xhamster student to teacher
Xhamster student to teacher

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Nazahn 11 months ago
You both might well be correct
Vudojas 11 months ago
The Flying Spaghetti Monster can fill the hole in your stomach.
Kazrakora 10 months ago
Don't they get cold?
Nikorn 10 months ago
What I did or did not say about Comey's reactions has NOTHING whatsoever to do with whether or not he has committed a crime.
Mazutaxe 10 months ago
Who cannot afford condoms? You are right about the expense v effectiveness ratio.
Akinolabar 10 months ago
Oh - and just so you know?
Nak 10 months ago
How many more Jewish carpenters do you know that have an reverential "personal relationship with Jesus Christ?"
Tukus 10 months ago
If President Trump only cared about himself , he would have never run for president. His family, his business and his brand have been ruthlessly attacked every day since the primaries. That is not the actions of a selfish man. Quite the contrary, HE LOVES AMERICA.
Voodoorn 10 months ago
At this point you couldn't pay me to go out of the country... especially to anywhere English isn't the primary language.
Doukus 10 months ago
Don't be surprised that many of us don't give a crap what you think.
Meztikus 9 months ago
At ?30,000,000 for the day when Brits cannot get caner drugs and sit in A&E for hours - it could be far better used.
Voshakar 9 months ago
"I'd imagine the vast majority of male back then treated women as second-citizens. Not just Paul, not just Timothy. It was 2,000 year ago."
Tezragore 9 months ago
Not a love connection, but I met one of my now buddies at a gas station, while waiting to refill my favorite (Dr. Pepper). I was cracking up at him making me wait while he "tasted" his to make sure it wasn't flat..and then he Hoovered it all up before getting more. Never saw anyone able to do that without it burning.
Shakarg 9 months ago
There is no reason to think Luke 1:1-4 is fake. 1:1-4 is a statement made by the unkown author of Luke that according to him what he is about to relate is the most accurate account of the life of Jesus according to the beliefs of his time. So it is not important if what he is relating is fake it only says that the author thinks it is accurate. Can everything following this statement be demonstrated to be fake , well yes it can.... starting with the infancy narratives about Jesus which all agree is entierly made up by the author.
Mezijinn 9 months ago
"I want Islam to decline just as much as Christianity." And I want a brand-new car.
Zuluktilar 9 months ago
If he lied about that, it makes you wonder what else he?s lying about. And if she can?t trust him, to me, it?s over
Kalrajas 9 months ago
No logic, no proof, no evidence, just childish epithets. That is all you have. Please grow up. Or go back to the first grade or pre-k. LOL!
Samurg 8 months ago
Kids are the result of unprotected sex. People have been popping kids out long before marriage and historically many were wlready knocked up when they married
Fenrikinos 8 months ago
Oh please. The only reason you oppose abortion is because you think the God you grovel to will punish the nation you live in for making abortions legal and even dumber you're afraid that when you meet Jesus he's going to tell you, "I never knew you. You didn't do enough to save those babies." So to protect yourself from this imaginary monster you're acting as if you care about the unborn when we all know you only care about your own selfish self. Your dirty little secret is out of the bag. Plus if your God did exist and could read minds he'd know you don't give a rip about the unborn. So it looks like your just SOL.
Kanris 8 months ago
You want to talk about African children and the Catholic church?
Shakazragore 8 months ago
According to the Church, Mary never had to die -- she was assumed into heaven. She was also able to conceive as a virgin. So who's to say she didn't age extremely well!
Zulujinn 8 months ago
Are they only correct when what they say matches your belief?
Fejinn 8 months ago
No? How about a gun manufacturer who designs guns for sport? Is he to be held responsible if someone commits a murder/suicide with the gun he designed?
Jular 8 months ago
Strangely I find the "Seven Woes" passage very intriguing. Do the stuffed shirts like John Hagee and Tony Perkins realize that Jesus is talking about them? Lesson learned: obtuseness is not confined to any epoch of history.
Dibar 7 months ago
was wondering if you'd retired from Disqus
Zulkikus 7 months ago
You didn't read the guidelines. I closed your discussion. Doesn't mean I had something to tell you.
Yocage 7 months ago
Then it would depend if a tree fell in the forest.
Vishura 7 months ago
Fvck them too.

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