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Ethnic Food In

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"It is a pretty shitty national anthem, globally speaking. It's an ugly melody, hard to sing, terrible lyrics..."

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Ethnic Food In
Ethnic Food In

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Yolmaran 9 months ago
Yet you fail to say a single bad word about Islam. Do you believe it to be impeccable? Or are you simply afraid? You are the real Islamophobe, because you are afraid to even think of Islam.
Sagar 9 months ago
Do you really think premature babies lived in the iron age? Most full term babies died, premature ones never lived. That is a very modern thing.
Shabar 9 months ago
It had nothing to do with Canada. Canada didn't even exist as a country for another half a century. Good grief.
Shami 9 months ago
The accepted understanding is that the universe
Voodoorr 9 months ago
I agree with everything you?re saying
Mazushicage 9 months ago
To be honest, I'm against people against sodomy.
Voodoonos 9 months ago
When you come up with the programmer that can program four bit code then you will have the creator of life.
Gasho 8 months ago
LOL. All these years I never bothered to see who did this song. Mind blown that it is Fleetwood.
Goltigore 8 months ago
don't fer git Z!
Sanos 8 months ago
Relish that brief time. :)
Gardanos 8 months ago
The Roman Catholic church is christian.
Bat 8 months ago
I didn't think he was either. He was a profoundly disturbed and bizarre individual but I don't believe he molested any children.
Mazular 8 months ago
Atheism is a religion.
Zulkitaxe 8 months ago
I have gay family members , I love them no differently than anyone else , BUT I do NOT lie to them if asked "How do you think GOD feels abt my lifestyle " . HE TOLD US how HE feels & personally I am staying away from anything GOD calls an ABOMINATION , I got enough to answer for .
Vudosho 7 months ago
I don't get it. Why did you start subtracting? I did watch a video on the factorial of 0, but their explanation is just an insolvable equation.
Nikogal 7 months ago
We wanted children but never really planned on them.
Donris 7 months ago
He called you "disgusting" and you responded with "GFY, you disgusting POS". You saw his disgusting and raised him with a GFY and a POS. You also called him a bat shite crazy liar, in response to a comment that included no insult directed at you. If you'd both stuck with disgusting, I wouldn't have stepped in.
Ethnic Food In

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