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"What trigger? If your Singular Entirety is God, then you're talking about an actual, choice-making Thing. Of COURSE we can measure God, but only if He chooses to let us. When we measure the length of a 2x4, that's not necessary. We do need to have access to the 2x4 though."

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Female escort in nc
Female escort in nc

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Mezimuro 7 months ago
We're in the market, but thinking how we can get our kids into anything. They're never going to leave now! LOL
Bragis 7 months ago
Russia is the only place he can get financing for his disastrous real estate boondoggles. That's where his business fortunes lie and that's why he promotes Russia.
Kagagami 7 months ago
The military is nothing but living off the government's tit
Faujar 6 months ago
I'm not a young earther. I'm an age agnostic earther.
Vudogor 6 months ago
Agreed, but one can determine certainty, based on whether they think it is likely.
Karamar 6 months ago
Jesus never says he is building somthing new as evidence by the teachings of his eraliest followers . They believed he was chosen to lead them back to the old ways of Moses and a strict observance of Torah... The Nazoreans which is a title often given to the early diciples are also closely associated with a Qumran document known as the War Scroll if this is accurate their view of Jesus was that he would return to lead the army of Israel aided by angels to defeat the Roman anti-Christ. Quite fascinating
Malarr 6 months ago
That's an easy one. It's a public safety issue and it freaks people out. Try walking into a bank with a mask on and see what happens. The reality is that there is no such thing as complete freedom of choice or action. It's always been a trade off between the collective good and the rights of the individual. This is frankly as it should be. My rights end where my fist meets your nose.
Fenrira 6 months ago
That?s probably a real picture of you. Crazy wo(man) with a short haircut and lots of attitude. I like it!
Voodoocage 6 months ago
"Given that life now exists on a once lifeless planet it must have originated on its own."
Shaktijora 6 months ago
"Why do some believers insist that God must have directly designed nature? Do they not see how hit-and-miss and improvised the natural world is?"
Kizshura 5 months ago
You think Crossan is a closeted mythicist? Crossan's whole life's work has been about Jesus. He's uncovered more about Jesus' environment than any other scholar in history. He's given his views about Jesus in hundreds of book, articles, lectures, symposia, etc. What would lead you to think he's a secret mythicist?
Mezijind 5 months ago
And that is just the end the cycle of reincarnations! Imagine the time needed to move up through the animal kingdom. Of course, in Jaina cosmology, the cosmos is beginningless and eternal, so time isn't lacking. Pretty much all of the eastern traditions share the Biblical view that lifespans used to be much longer, though since they view time as cyclical rather than linear, all eastern traditions I know of posit a FAR older cosmos than modern cosmology. I think the Vedas puts it in the hundreds of trillions of years. I suppose the new breed of Hindu "fundamentalists" gaining prominence in India must be big fans of the Big Crunch hypothesis.
Negami 5 months ago
I was sticking to the topic. Religion was blamed for laws against homosexuals. I have shown a great number of people that are in no way religious that want these laws. Bias against homosexuals is far greater than any that are just religious.
JoJokinos 5 months ago
Nope. It's her job.
Fauzahn 5 months ago
No, those remain only observed conceptions, there are more happening behind the observed than one can actually know about.
JoJogis 5 months ago
So, only marry a woman. But, marriage is a civil right, and whether you like it or not, it applies to ALL American couples that are of age.
Mikakus 5 months ago
Kitty, is that you and your son in the picture?
Tazil 4 months ago
"Only in a world with no forces ? with no interactions among particles at all ? are particles merely ripples in a single field!"
Kerg 4 months ago
Please check out my response below. It?s not about mechanistic scientific complexity. The issue isn?t Science. It?s Existential Philosophy, at least, not Science. It?s a different Epistemology. He?s demonstrating the Scientism fallacy, like Dawkins and the rest.
Tenris 4 months ago
If waiting for McDonald's coffee made you late for work and you lost your job, you should be suing them and making a thread about it. Bonus posts if you can work in liability for burns caused by said coffee.
Daijind 4 months ago
My kids were still living at home in the 90s, that is about all I have
Mikatilar 4 months ago
But... but gunz!
Vudosho 3 months ago
blechhhh i just threw up a bit.
Maukazahn 3 months ago
Yep. A magazine with no scientific backing, trying to refute the evidence we have of evolution actually happening with their belief.
Kazibei 3 months ago
I had a Jehovah Witness try to convince me to join his church because the name "Jehovah" was found in the Bible. Now I have someone that wants to claim Jesus did not exist because their is no letter "J" prior to English.
Vozahn 3 months ago
Now that you understand the real scale, are you a 50?
Tak 3 months ago
They shouldn't have abandoned their daughter. They brought this drama on themselves.
Female escort in nc

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