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Mathis stereo amplifier vintage 1966

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Mathis stereo amplifier vintage 1966

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Bagar 8 months ago
I expected nothing less from America-hating CNN.
Shaktidal 8 months ago
Is your Bible a different one from the others? Does it have a coloring section?
Golrajas 8 months ago
Isn't that irritating when people post directly to your chosen headline, and the headline is a bunch of crap?
Nataxe 8 months ago
playing down the set up isn't going to gain you any credibility.
Vudor 7 months ago
We have a Chinese Restaurant that is primarily a buffet that serves sliced Totinos Pizza. They do not even hide it.
Maukazahn 7 months ago
Don't know, just read that they caught them. Crooks come in all colours and will use whatever is to their advantage. Full body coverings is too easy.
Shazil 7 months ago
It is useless, and foolish, and blasphemous. Mary can pray for no one anywhere.
Vugor 7 months ago
Because it would have to be wrong on pretty much every entry and poll and each of those already has a high degree of confidence. It's just math telling you this.
Kelkis 7 months ago
It leads to more unemployed. And who is then unemployed? The poor. The young.
Baramar 6 months ago
What they found was earth-like life. Pretty specific one. And no, Mars is not fine-tuned for it.
Shagore 6 months ago
Eman. Except that formless equates with having no shape and void equates with having no substance and the deep that was mentioned is something with both a shape and substance.
Samulrajas 6 months ago
Creationists are not even quoted in the OP. Atheists are leading the charge for extended synthesis and even replacement of modern evolutionary theory. The old guard of evolutionists blindly deny it's needed and are poorly out of date on their education.
Tojajinn 6 months ago
... and there's the Lastfriday Witnesses.....
Dadal 6 months ago
The private sector relies on the public sector for many, many things. Today you are using the internet compliments of the public sector. You drive on roads, use planes, get immunized, have safe boarders, etc. Wall Street loves the bailouts the government provides, the FDIC insurance programs.
Faegis 6 months ago
Do you mean that Jesus sacrificed his own body to demonstrate that it is possible for others who make a sacrifice to have eternal life? If that is true, God is the absolute worst. Do you blame God for such a horrific and unnecessary display of cruelty?
Grotilar 5 months ago
It works like this...
Kazilrajas 5 months ago
"Whoops, I thought my racist views were publicly acceptable now. I'm sorry that they aren't yet."
Yozshulkree 5 months ago
When you start a sentence with "are you saying", it's usually the beginning of a straw man argument
Dubei 5 months ago
That's deep. I never heard that before. What's it mean?
Kijora 5 months ago
Look, don?t blame me for your lack of comprehending this subject. If you can?t keep up, maybe you shouldn?t be engaging this topic at your current level of understanding. Maybe you enjoy twisting in the wind, or aimlessly adrift in the sea of intellectual discussions. Instead of being cynical, why not try and learn something about what you know next to nothing about? Just a thought.
Goltikinos 5 months ago
LOL You're such a dick.
Goltishura 5 months ago
I once found a 20 in mine. I have no idea when or why I put it there but it had to be the same day. duh.
Negis 4 months ago
Aye have no other choice !!! it's not easy nor fun, but Aye'd rather suffer in this present evil world and escape the judgment of eternal damnation!!!
Kigarisar 4 months ago
The evolution of the Universe has many different aspects. It is really puzzling that only one of them, the biological evolution is so much attractive for the amateur discussions in the context of (whatever kind of) religion. Why not discussing other fundamental processes like Hubble effect or the thermodynamic irreversibility?
Grok 4 months ago
Climate changes as you move closer to the equator. It does not change in one place.
Dojar 4 months ago
"If evolutionary biologists and theorists are doubting the process and mechanism of evolution...why? What's to fill this void in your understanding?"

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