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"I wonder how long before the first case of a restaurant refusing to serve Black Americans takes place"

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Hotwife Swinger Getting SCREWED!

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Russian wife russianbrides russianwoman russian
Russian wife russianbrides russianwoman russian
Russian wife russianbrides russianwoman russian

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Voodookree 9 months ago
Look, sin is made up, we are humans born with everything we need to know about being human just like our ape cousins know everything they need to know about being apes, and we are apes, we share every single behavior with them.
Bajind 9 months ago
"If a successful woman wants to date a guy who earns a lot less than she does, she going to have to do the asking."
Tygoktilar 9 months ago
Thou shalt not kill is a religious statement. I declare laws against murder null and void because of separation of church and state...
Bam 9 months ago
Not that any Trumpist would know who Cicero was. Let alone have read any of his writings.
Yot 9 months ago
Of course there's the other side. You're just refusing to look at it. Abortion supporters need to put themselves in the role of the unborn. If you appreciate your life, your family, and all the wonders and joys that existence has to offer, why would you want to deny that experience to someone on the threshold of their birth? If consciousness and sentience were to be temporarily removed from you for a few month, would you want someone to end your life simply because you pose a temporary inconvenience?
Teshura 8 months ago
Hey, Tex. Let's talk about something we can both maybe agree on... What's your favorite type of BBQ?
Kazrajin 8 months ago
All of this.
Faubei 8 months ago
This. Refusing hospital care to someone in an emergency would violate their constitutional rights- specifically, their right to life.
Faerisar 8 months ago
Organized Left-wing trolls can also often be Russians.
Moogumi 8 months ago
Is Stephen King's book, "Salem's Lot", accurate? :)
Russian wife russianbrides russianwoman russian

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