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Silhouette art vintage first quarrel

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Silhouette art vintage first quarrel
Silhouette art vintage first quarrel

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Kitilar 7 months ago
All of my animals are spayed and neutered.
Felkis 7 months ago
Yes, I can. I judge everyone, including gods, by their actions, by what they do, and how they treat people. Your god doesn't come out too well based on that evaluation, and I don't have one.
Nekinos 7 months ago
"Still, why are atheists being held to a higher standard when it comes to reason?"
Malazahn 6 months ago
If you can find an instance when/where I said you "praised Harris or Harper or Hudak, you might have" a rebuttal, or an argument, or some form of intel on the matter. Maybe you should try some sort of math.
Mazuramar 6 months ago
That is the exact same outcome as if god is not with you...
Vudotaur 6 months ago
We all know you love her tits
Shakus 6 months ago
He rejected Christianity when he became a young adult ... probably earlier but never admitted it until later.
Mozahn 6 months ago
That is how the story plays out, but I just don't see anything remotely credible in the Gospel narrative.
Gat 6 months ago
The effects of tRump's fascist, unhinged religionist, bigoted judges will be felt for generations. They will continue the class war of the ultra-wealthy against the non-rich in the so-called justice system and will constantly rule in favor of the Great God Corporation. Gorsuch is a flat-out sociopath.
Shaktijind 6 months ago
And your evidence for this is?
Nim 5 months ago
With reps like her no wonder California is in so much trouble.
Mikara 5 months ago
I doubt "most Atheist come to their beliefs through arrogance". Logic would say it's through education, study, and observations.
Julkis 5 months ago
Donald has got this.
Malataur 5 months ago
I know u love ?? me join the queue
Kajirg 4 months ago
?The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.?
Gardajinn 4 months ago
for your entertainment: nutjob Alex Jones (of Info Wars infamy, professional troll) rant about chemicals in the water turning Frogs Gay.....set to music.
Kazragar 4 months ago
Sad, isn?t it? Downright stupid what pride can do to a person.
Zulkigore 4 months ago
1) Ok. So how does preaching at myself and other Christians on the religious channel help you change your laws?
Mekinos 3 months ago
My advice to people is to always beware of those who speak persuasively or seek to convince you of something. You will usually find their intentions are less than noble. Therefore the invitation to convince somebody of something is declined. Scorned actually. But I will say this: if one can't find some value in the most seemingly valueless thing then one isn't very smart.
Yozshum 3 months ago
The constitution guarantees free exercise of religion. It's the very first right in the bill of rights. The constitution says nothing about being a "secular state".
Malmaran 3 months ago
Either way demonstrates a "beginning."
Mogor 3 months ago
Your tears are delicious. :)

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