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"Oh I realize you cant fix stupid."

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Ver videos pornos de artistas mexicanas

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Taugal 10 months ago
Maybe in a fascist regime. True capitalists recognize that the right for labor to organize is one of the inherent freedoms in a democracy.
Dit 10 months ago
Barely. If they are a fan and want to hear his music all they have to do his type his name and hit search. That's not really a hardship.
Modal 9 months ago
Go back and re read with an open mind. I gave credit to everyone involved.
JoJozilkree 9 months ago
Then too, this is opinion as disseminated by what is a Russian propaganda outlet. ( RT ).
Tojas 9 months ago
That's the way to start my day, Zangie. :D
Vigrel 9 months ago
I love being Petty
Kigal 9 months ago
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Kazigul 8 months ago
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Torg 8 months ago
> I didn't make a claim, I made an argument.
Balkis 8 months ago
Which would further show that being born gay is just another way of being born a human.
Mutaxe 8 months ago
There is evidence. You just do not see it.
Dijinn 8 months ago
That?s your opinion and you?re entitled to it. Experts and researchers who study poverty disagree
Arakree 8 months ago
They did things that they actually didn?t have to do as a result most of our property was unharmed because they actually took precautions to save it
Akigore 7 months ago
I'll repeat my previous comment, because it doesn't appear you've read my question in its entirety. I'll use bold script to emphasize the part I think you've missed:
Shakamuro 7 months ago
LOL So which religion provides " everything" that rational means cant provide?
Faugul 7 months ago
that could be awesome! go for it GHF

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