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"Contrived opposition on a global scale. They're all actors on the world's stage."

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Blow cum hot job teen

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Gardarg 6 months ago
I mean, what choice do you have?? Gotta do what ya gotta do.
Zule 6 months ago
The ones that actually believe are the scary ones. A con artist with followers is one slip up away from exposure. Someone who actually thinks god speaks to or thru them with followers is one Kool-Aid party away from a dangerous cult.
Visar 6 months ago
Happy toothless topless double wrapped for your protection Thursday!
Migor 6 months ago
Agreed; no forcing. But it's fun t o share sometimes. :D
Gardashakar 5 months ago
Point to the specific violence in those.
Mazucage 5 months ago
I'm sure a majority of predators are men.
Moogurg 5 months ago
Well, you're learning how to insult people from your bible teaching, but you forgot the poor Samaritan women was hungry and she did nothing wrong but your Bible says, Jesus called her dog and didn't give her a piece of bread. I've done with you, may God open your eyes to know, there is nothing Satanic but your Bible.
Kajiktilar 5 months ago
I'm curious as to why you imply that Catholics are not Christians. Regardless, a love without abuse between two people must surely be a gift from god.
Malak 5 months ago
Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. In Africa many tribes believe in ritual circumcision when a boy transitions to being a man. It is all done by non-medical people without anaesthetic and with crude instruments like razor blades. Boys can refuse but they are then ostracized by the tribe and looked down on by other men. Many die as a result and many are permanently injured.
Vir 5 months ago
So you don't have a freaking clue. Duly noted.
Melmaran 5 months ago
But geh, the new discoverers fit the Bible more than your evo :/
Akinolar 4 months ago
Yes - although apparently the bloke lost it in Vietnam but MW thought he had done it?
Akinora 4 months ago
So far so good, no more communication i know of, and she's famously popular for outing him. Win!
Shakarg 4 months ago
Sad, probably one of most pressing issues of the day!!
Sarr 4 months ago
When was a pastor arrested for saying that in Canada?
Vular 4 months ago
Why are parents always trying to decide even the stupidest things for their children? There's some stuff were kids need some sort of freedom.
Tojagrel 4 months ago
The primary basis for the big bang theory is the expanding universe. The primary evidence for the expanding universe is the red shift that proves that galaxies are moving away from each other. Projecting the expanding universe backwards, one arrives at a point where the expansion began. Maybe this point was a singularity. Maybe it was a black hole. Maybe it was a rip in the fabric of space through which matter poured from another dimension. Maybe the big bang was caused by two plates banging together. Maybe quantum physics can find a way in which something appeared spontaneously.
Kenris 3 months ago
So you are not able to argue against my concrete point. Noted
Mikak 3 months ago
sdome of us do not support Trump but want the two sides to work together. Apparently you are for discourse and division. Are you a Nazi or a Socialist?
Mikalar 3 months ago
Totalitarianism, Communism, Despot Governments. Even if I claimed they were the MOST harmful. then what?

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