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"He thinks because he is an elected official, he should have special rights, I cannot access the facility. Maybe try and make an appointment and don't just show up with your so called team. How many times do you think he has tried to visit before Trump was President? This man has been a Senator since 2009 and now the immigration laws bother him, maybe he should have thought about this years ago."

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Oh well, it suited her purpose anyway, the last thing she needed was an outbreak of teenage jealousy. " I loved the desperation in his voice, the pleading, he was right where I wanted him.

As the room filled with applause and the smiling faces of everyone lined my vision, I began to feel a hot burning anger of betrayal.

RawAttack - Big booty Tana Lea is punished by a big dick, interview

RawAttack - Big booty Tana Lea is punished by a big dick, interview

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Gom 8 months ago
So wait a minute religious moderators. YOU allow NoRaceNoRacism-byANYONE to call women sluts, and I cannot quote him when I stand up to his neanderthal, misogynist crap? Interesting.
Yozshurn 8 months ago
What did he say?
Kizragore 7 months ago
standards have been lowered significantly in the past decades under both Conservative and Liberal governments and this was not done to introduce more women, but to introduce more recruits with skills and experience.
Doule 7 months ago
Very few people realize that Columbus started his journey with five ships. Two of them fell off the edge.
Kazratilar 7 months ago
laughable crap...they use "anomalies" and not actual temp data and history..the CRU clowns destroyed the history years ago.
Bakasa 7 months ago
Yes, it sounds like your experience is much more recent than mine. That's why I gave a little history of inter-racial adoption going back to the 60s. My youngest will be 31 on the 4th of July.
Julrajas 7 months ago
Fair point... Women's studies' CAN be a legitimate topic of academic study. But because it CAN doesn't mean it IS, more often than not, it isn't. It's merely used to indoctrinate rather than educate.
JoJozragore 7 months ago
You read and followed that whole post in the 45 seconds or so after I posted that you responded to it?
Nekazahn 6 months ago
Lets do pictures...
Nikogami 6 months ago
Lol, so the bad writing in His book is my flawed thinking?
Dushakar 6 months ago
My regular experience has been that (surely they must?) they realise I never orgasm through intercourse, and never once try to get me off any other way.
Faujind 6 months ago
It's OK. Those workers didn't want a job there any way. They will praise Trump for their holy last paycheck
Nezahn 6 months ago
What's it matter? It's fiction.
Munos 6 months ago
And our Winners...
Nacage 6 months ago
"Jesus taught to his closest disciples that he himself was God's chosen Messiah who would rule God's Kingdom on Earth and each member of the 12 (Judas included) would serve as a Judge over one of the 12 tribes of Israel. "
Nikoll 5 months ago
"And speaking of California, isn't that where MS-13 was founded? Thanks California." The US economy which California agriculture plays a big part of does not include establishing American born gangs. It is California's agriculture that makes our economy flourish.
Shaktiran 5 months ago
chaste, or chased?
Doukinos 5 months ago
The Disney princesses in 3d won me over
Jurn 5 months ago
We need the OT. We need to see its cold, harsh, get-what-you-want, in-your-face, live-and-die-by-the-sword life. Life on our chosen terms.
Malkree 5 months ago
perverted beasts that try and hump...according to my husband's assessment of how those dudes treat women on the job site.
Vushakar 4 months ago
Too bad it was on a tape.
Fauzil 4 months ago
The word marraige was not even religouse, but a legal term.
Dalrajas 4 months ago
Interesting. I like the idea of the creation of the universe being the physical equivalent of dividing by zero.
Yozshulrajas 4 months ago
I don?t know what hell would be like other than a place without God. Our modern depiction of hell is much more influenced by Dante than by scripture. Maybe it?s more like what the ancient Israelites thought. Plus given the set up of predominant Christian theology (Calvinism is interesting but even Calvin himself backed off of predestination later in life), there?s really not a problem with hell because each person chooses whether they receive salvation or not.
Nagami 4 months ago
Good points. Last point, counter point... also unless you can prove that God is also not on Mars (a far reach for a concept being that is supposed to be everywhere).
Sakree 4 months ago
well done turd boy
Mik 3 months ago
I believe the magic word(s) are "Credible fear". At least that's what they are reportedly coached to say by immigration lawyers that of course have nothing to gain by creating clients for themselves oh no. Totally different than the ambulance-chasers oh yes.

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