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"Mod has to close it. We usually leave them open til they expire in 7 days unless requested to close"

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Hardcore retro sex

Hardcore retro sex

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Lorrie lanes le strip toronto
Lorrie lanes le strip toronto

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Taukazahn 1 year ago
Would've worked 30 years ago when I was telling everybody to. Now it's not possible even if you tried.
Tagal 1 year ago
LOL, yeah it is :-)
Nele 1 year ago
Trump is being played by China
Zulura 11 months ago
You mean like most lgbtq groups who purposely target christian families and businesses? Like those guys?
Nami 11 months ago
Excuses for intolerance that people are trying to encode into law. Still the same origins.
Faetilar 11 months ago
Oh, and Sir Tainley, if you are still gathering responses to this thread, here's the other rage-inducing thing about online religious conversations: believers can literally advocate laws handing you the death penalty, then come online and go "Whut I do?" like Kevin55, a.k.a pastor Kevin Swanson, who added his voice to the chorus of right-wing voices approving Uganda's kill-the-gays bill. Here's him proclaiming that the only reason we don't have a similar law in the US is lack of political opportunity:
Kigajinn 11 months ago
What do Pygmies like you know about anything big? What a hoot!
Aragore 11 months ago
In Judaism God has no gender
Kigagor 11 months ago
You mean only the god you cannot prove to exist, but claim to know all about gives this Love.
Zur 10 months ago
Alternative means of transportation don't work for complex routes, transit takes too long and taxis are too expensive. So you want to force people to change but offer no viable alternative. So people will continue to drive, they'll merely pay more for the privilege.
Fautilar 10 months ago
Thanks for sharing your views, Dreezeez. I have a couple of suggestions in reply.
Shaktilabar 10 months ago
Important: My knowledge of God is absolute. My "knowledge" of my fellow creatures is possibly a dream or a delusion, as is all of contingent reality.
Vulrajas 10 months ago
You're just being silly. Ignorance certainly allows for bliss. But bliss isn't an effect of ignorance.
Kagrel 10 months ago
I can't read any more of your stupid non sense. The NFL player were all black. He was on video tape using derogatory remarks about Mexican. Keep in mind, This guy tweets and makes appearances live. No one has to make up anything aboput him.
Meztijas 10 months ago
Thank you so much.
Kim 9 months ago
some are amazing tricks. But when something appears or changes from one object to another, with no deception ie no hand movements, nothing hidden from view, no distraction. Just an object appearing or changing right in front of your eyes. This is beyond mere trickery.
Mujas 9 months ago
Correction: He won both the EC and the popular vote, happy now?
Vishakar 9 months ago
Are you confusing the parts you find difficult to believe with the parts that are historical like mentions of the Hittites and any ancient peoples and places and historical events?
Taugul 9 months ago
Sounds good to me.
Meztinos 9 months ago
As do escorts and legal brothels. Those dominatrix people pay taxes. I'm not comparing porn stars to crack hos walking the street.
Lorrie lanes le strip toronto

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