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"I have really enjoyed watching you make some great points on this thread. I have people very close to me who have gone from homosexual to heterosexual. Their stories are pushed aside and all the scientific, peer-review papers that clearly show a similar family dynamic among homosexuals are never considered by the APA."

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Poop sex tube galore
Poop sex tube galore
Poop sex tube galore

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Mikara 7 months ago
Jonathan Choen.... That's what I thought.... But I find it curious that both predictions speak about Christ coming down from the havens? So that's what kind of confused me.
Moogutaxe 7 months ago
That's a good one.
Vudogal 6 months ago
If there is no logical or factual basis to the claim that the response was anti theist in nature, then it?s good to correct that, but the question itself was whether you think they are being fundamentalist about it.
Zuzuru 6 months ago
Yes there is
Kaktilar 6 months ago
Good morning my dears
Negami 6 months ago
4, with the condescending thing of 2. : )
Goltimi 6 months ago
Too long. So far, the only point you've demonstrated to me is not to reply to any of your comments.
Kagashakar 6 months ago
Far Right hyperbole.
Jushura 5 months ago
The dude was a FAO, please, he wasn't a real soldier.
Yozshujin 5 months ago
Maybe not? They were definitely not teaching the catechism of the Catholic church.
Tojazragore 5 months ago
Yup, bring it?s her friend, meeting halfway and refund 150 seems like the right think to do
Zolok 5 months ago
What do you think about these growth scenarios?
Shashura 5 months ago
I lived in Utah for a year of my life. They still believe in polygamy, it's just practiced well below the radar.
Bara 5 months ago
Quote Alexis de Tocqueville - Democracy in America
Maujas 4 months ago
That chart is pretty much spot on!
Dalar 4 months ago
Also every couple of months we have joint services together with the other churches in each others churches
Nenris 4 months ago
So i guess you just spent your life rolling over and playing the bitch then ?
Shakashicage 4 months ago
Apparently, you are incorrect, it was just enforced by the Supreme Court by a majority of 7-2.
Gashicage 4 months ago
Paul's letter was written by far the earliest compared to the other gospels (closer to 40/50 years later). Coincidentally Paul had never even met Jesus (when he was alive). So it's hard to believe that letter was actually written in the time period that it was claimed to be in. More likely it was written far later, but they moved up to fall in line with an alleged sermon in Philippi.
Akinozil 3 months ago
Lol i wouldn't have you arrested papi
Nikojin 3 months ago
If he is being honest, then he would be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, which is a crime.
Vukus 3 months ago he wont. Dead people don't find out anything...ever.
Malataxe 3 months ago
You sound too classy for me.
Aragami 3 months ago
Hmm. I wonder if he is a southpaw. Good luck with the righties.
Nelabar 2 months ago
I agree. Ive already told you I would sell the cake.
Poop sex tube galore

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