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Pull your ass open

Pull your ass open
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"That's what's up. Glad you're feeling better!"

I wasn't sure, but my fantasies about this girl were getting out of control. I thought it was quite funny, and adorable, so I laughed and gave John a big hug. opej He ordered.

Jennifer Toth Bi

Jennifer Toth Bi

Sometimes we learn in Sex Ed at school, sometimes a parent sits you down and explains it. His mother had shoved his shorts down. " "ButMrs. We both thought "Oh shit!" We quickly pulled our yor on and stuck our heads out the door.

Understood?" He nods his head quickly and runs off to take care of our order and check.

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Pull your ass open
Pull your ass open

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JoJosar 10 months ago
YOU say it is zero, with no proof that it is zero. But I say it is more than you could ever imagine, and my God Himself is the proof. He is greater than you are, don'tcha know.
Bragul 10 months ago
God speaks through his word the Bible, This is what HE said " This is what you are to say to the Israelites, Jehovah, the God of your forefathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has sent me to you. This is my name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered from generation to generation." - EXODUS 3:15 so.... Jehovah God did not tell you to call him whatever YOU want....!
Dilmaran 9 months ago
Bill Clinton doesn't owe that woman anything.
Mar 9 months ago
Oh, he does not exist and that is what I also started learning that night. It took me about another 10 years to finally accept the fact, that the sky daddy exists as much as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy does, but I finally came to the realization that hey, not one single god existed, and even if this gawd did? Then it was no god I wanted to bow down to and worship as I truly read the buybull all the way through and had been studying Christianity while attending Bangor Theological Seminary to obtain my masters degree in this bullshit. Sure in a sense, it was a waste of money going there, but in the end? It gave me the tools that proved to me how fake Christianity was and how full of crap Christians were when they kept telling me how peaceful and loving their religion is.
Vumi 9 months ago
One could argue that.
Jura 9 months ago
Yeah? So show me the data that indicates a man was not formed in clay
Akinolabar 9 months ago
Yes, Stalin certainly had a religious background, but by the time of the purges is anyone really saying he was other than madly anti-clerical and atheist? I have a very different view of faith, but you're welcome to your opinion - however, you can't know what it's like to be in someone else's head.
Moogusho 8 months ago
He would block 1 number and another would roll in!!!!.. Lmao
Karan 8 months ago
What feels good can be trained to support sustainable civilizations. Civilizations also evolve. Not necessarily for the better when people expect society to feed and pleasure them.
Akijind 8 months ago
I like both of these rules. Religious education should be done solely with religious funding and religious places and no place of religious learning should be allowed to use the word school, college, university or .edu as part of their literature and assets.
Vizuru 8 months ago
I mean here in Virginia, most people get married in a church and the churches I have seen don't even have large scale reception rooms...My church has a small fellowship room but no room for tables. I mean I could see you getting 50 people in there but no sitting
Daik 8 months ago
I live in the Bible belt. I can assure you being an atheist here is neither trendy nor sociable. Nonbelievers don't believe they are risking anything. If they did, they would be believers.
Ferisar 7 months ago
some of those are uncanny.... Cool. Thanks for the share!
Goltigal 7 months ago
Bad arguments? I?ve read plenty and I?ve been involved in several right here on this ?RELIGION? topic/discussion site which surprisingly is drowning in atheists, on a site about religion! So, I wonder if these atheists actually have more in common with believers than any of you actually wish to admit, or could it be that deep down you simply are hoping to find proof?
JoJokazahn 7 months ago
Well, they would be [mutually exclusive] for me. But then again, I'd have to rethink the whole concept of science if it turned out that Darwin was right. But he wasn't. I get that the evolution community is pretty damned intimidating, but I'm a pretty technically sophisticated person (well, I am, what am I supposed to say?) and I don't have to take their word for it. And there's really no way that life became what it is today through a long sequence of random mutations. It's a nonsense concept. It's nonsensical at first glance, and it's nonsensical when carefully examined. Trust you common sense. Don't let anyone intimidate you into seeing the emperor's clothes when you know he isn't wearing any.
Bazil 7 months ago
Regardless, if they weren't here in the first place, according to the law, none of these crimes would have been committed.
Kazitilar 7 months ago
Good. Eye is still fuzzy but my only limitations are I can't recline or lay on my back, that gets old, and no roller coasters so I guess he means no shocks to the head. I also avoid driving at night as the glare can be pretty rough.
Gazragore 7 months ago
Holy sh!t. I just recalled that I proposed to my wife at a restaurant.
Yokora 7 months ago
Yeag except the part where if u dont worship it it burns your ass in hell
Jukazahn 6 months ago
Oh reallt put on hold?? Yeah that's why me and Michael stopped (went to email)
Yozshular 6 months ago
That's not true. Some are, but not all. Being rich doesn't mean you don't feel fear or want the world to know the details of your rape.
Fetaxe 6 months ago
None of those other writings pretend to be "the word of God", nor are they viewed as words that all must read, believe, embrace and live by or spend an eternity in hell.
Zukasa 6 months ago
Your leap of somehow having sex does not help with a family unit is beyond me. A family can need a lot of structure before (more) or any kids are being brought in the picture, I dislike the narrowminded view of kids are everything and you seem to subscribe to that.
Zulkijas 6 months ago
And you?ve shown you have no understanding of what happened and really don?t care.
Arashijind 6 months ago
Really? You read my comment?
Akinoshura 6 months ago
Do you feel that you can confidently say that the natural feelings you felt for the opposite sex does not occurs for those attracted to the same sex?
Faular 5 months ago
That "2000 years of scholarship" is being overturned, by modern methods. When it is not Christians trying to prove Christianity and college educated historians doing the investigation, it doesn't go so well for them.
Dijind 5 months ago
I'm not talking about disrespect. I'm simply talking about admiring/showing attraction.
Nikozshura 5 months ago
That's it!!! My bad.
Faugal 5 months ago
You could reinforce the corners with angle iron so the file cabinet barbecue retains its shape.

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