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"My comment earlier this morning on another channel!"

I also have learned to dress to please and to tease. his cock. She made an effort to be more attentive the rest of the evening.

Connie Carter Creampie in the Kitchen

Connie Carter Creampie in the Kitchen

"You enjoy serving your country, eh Greg. " Then turns to her sister and says "He wants to do this now, for the reward he will get later. "I hate doing this to you, but it's kind of an emergency. "Do mom and dad know what a slut you've turned into. Dream like visions of a perverted smile from one of these sadistic men, one that seemed to have her bloody nipple in his hand flashed across her mind like pages of a book being flipped through at a rapid pace.

Next time you should stay the night as I was far from being done. "We don't want you making a mess in here, do we go ahead and release the water. A moment later she realized it was her heartbeat she could feel, and the rest of the body throbbed in time. So i started slamming in and out faster and harder with each thrust,as i was thrusting away she yells out "DONT STOP I'M GONNA CUM" I gladdly continued thrusting away and a few minutes passed then I yelled out "I'M ABOUT TO CUM SIS",then she said CUM with me BRO CUM IN YOUR LIL SISTER and as soon as she had said that i shot my load in her pussy then we just lay there kissing each other while i stayed inside her till i went soft again.

" He waved his measuring stick, Ronnie was a bit short for that. We changed planes at De Gaulle for a regional jet for the roughly 300 mile flight to Zurich.

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Sexy guys with girls

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Vushicage 7 months ago
nope just discussing something to ponder
Malall 7 months ago
The transitions are only imagined, they can't be proven without DNA evidence. And we do have ancient DNA identical to modern DNA. Which proves stasis permeates the fossil record because stasis permeate the genome
Tojanos 7 months ago
No. It goes deeper than that. They are willfully negligent of reality and twist and lie because their goal is to reject human rights and be little control freak, sniveling cowards as humanity degenerates into metaphorical and literal filth around them (to mirror their self perception). I'm speaking of the leftist Disqus trolls. Normal human liberals are just misguided and uninformed and absorb knowledge willingly. These filthy rats are petulant scum who will try to discredit a MSNBC or CNN link or a .gov or anything they deem themselves to be credible. They never accept evidence. Never.
Grojin 6 months ago
LMFAO. Sure, sure, sure.
Kajigor 6 months ago
Yes, there are atrocities in the Christian Bible. However, these atrocities serve to make a point: without God, man is helpless to do more than destroy. Do you understand the distinction between the Old and New Testament? The New Testament brings a new promise which essentially serves as the basis for Christianity. Christians are supposed to follow the New Testament teachings, and nowhere in that compilation does it encourage violence. The Qu'ran? Yeah, Mohammed kind of eggs on his followers towards jihad, and the eradication of infidels, to which he is also guilty. Not to mention he marries a literal child.
Kigalrajas 6 months ago
Actually, there are. Demonstrably so.
Fenrilrajas 6 months ago
Your own picture right there is an argument against the Bible's veracity as the word of God. Man picked the books and cobbled together the canonized Bible. They wrote the word of God. God didn't.
Gukazahn 6 months ago
I'm a right-leaner who thinks single-payor is inevitable. Obama-care is just slow burn while insurance companies diversify. How many hospitals are owned by insurance companies now-a-days in your area?
Feran 5 months ago
LOL my claim was about Hermeneutics LOL Kenny proved my point :) Trust me! People have thought much worse of me. God bless you, look forward to your other postings.
Faeshakar 5 months ago
I have known a few scientologists only peripherally, but my sister had a friend who had invested her life savings in becoming a "clear" and even moved to Florida to be close to the temple. What I gather from my sister, who wouldn't say "shit if she had a mouthful", and would never say anything bad about anybody, this gal was a complete idiot. The people I knew who were scientologists were just weird.
Faulrajas 5 months ago
Not an issue for you and the guys.
Zulubei 5 months ago
Watching it on League Pass, I'm seeing a fat bearded guy in a Cavs shirt sing "make some noise" instead of seeing Jalen Rose.
Shaktitaur 5 months ago
Christ myth is very plausible. It is based on the historical Jesus's total absence from the very texts in which he should be most present - the earliest Christian texts of Paul and the other Epistle writers.
Feshakar 5 months ago
Lol yeah, I escaped her narrowly.
Ditilar 5 months ago
Funny how you should mention a 'profound ignorance of science!' From all of the research and studies I have done on the subject, it would seem that all of the pieces of the universe had to fall into the exact place that they did in order for even this remote spot in the cosmos to be suitable for intelligent life.
Kezahn 4 months ago
That's a stretch for most.
Kajikus 4 months ago
Yes, the middle east denigrates homosexuality AND views women as lesser beings. I would say their views are more fundamentalist based. The West is, thankfully, more progressive as they discard the more archaic parts of the bible.
Kekinos 4 months ago
Oh. I thought you meant that there was no one affected but you meant that no one knows the perpetrator of the harm. Of course you would agree that those people are as objectively immoral as any other harm causer. This fact doesn't change what either of us are saying. If people are harmed, the ones causing the harm are immoral.
Vujinn 4 months ago
But please, according to what metric?
Daishura 4 months ago
That makes no sense. Liberals contribute over double to the economy. Premise flawed, nonsense statement.
Sharan 4 months ago
you had that with concentrated pockets of Irish and Italians in the US when they first came here, too
Mazur 3 months ago
Neither am I. That means nothing.
Takasa 3 months ago
Your God is claimed to be omnipotent (that means ALL POWERFUL) and omniscient, yet chose to "designed" a world of blood and guts. It would not be difficult at all for an all powerful 5th grader to beat this "design". You want it both ways. Your God is either all powerful (what ever He wishes becomes reality), or He is not (limited). And if I was all powerful and all knowing, then yes I could simply pick up a violin and start playing.
Samurr 3 months ago
Reminds me of:
Samujin 3 months ago
Stopping illegal immigration. Making integration of newcomers mandatory.
Nabei 3 months ago
lmao i wish i was drinking. i got to leave early though to get my no baybehs and no crimson tide shot.
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