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"You need to demonstrate your god exists and is the "moral law giver" you claim it to be before you can attribute morality to it."

Her spare clothes were in her bag. He asked how long ago I had tried and I said at least a year ago and maybe two. huh?.

" Janie returned to her apartment and byo hung out till late in the evening.

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Dildo In The Mouth And Cock In Her Ass

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Young boy with mature woman
Young boy with mature woman
Young boy with mature woman

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Arashigis 8 months ago
That doesn't make him a servant or a slave. It makes him incognito.
Dousida 8 months ago
You are the one who first condemned hatred of our rights. I am simply asking if you hate our rights, specifically this one.
JoJokinos 8 months ago
Getting away from Deudeu's female traits aren't we? You think he has gender dysphoria? Identifies as a wus? Seriously, I bet Trudeau wears panties.
Tojagrel 8 months ago
?Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.?
Dugor 7 months ago
Stepping well aside from the word feminism and literally any discussion thereof, I will weigh in on the 'why do folks judge other folks' part.
Vigami 7 months ago
I don't even want to imagine the ignorance that would spew from peoples mouths if we had a female president. Honestly I wonder what would have the most vitriol a female president or a openly gay president.
Kigasar 7 months ago
Not even close, and trust me no one is trying to "impose" other views on you. Imposing would require a little help, like say the law....
Tojakazahn 6 months ago
I totally agree.
Mir 6 months ago
Just being curious, what country are you in?
Shakakree 6 months ago
instant fight topic, just add water:
Gura 6 months ago
Again, I see you Christians doing your best to answer with a non-answer. Typical. Or go all around the topic of the question, with foolish responses. And that was one of his teachings, that all the things he described would happen before the generation before him passed away....and he surely was wrong on that teaching now wasn't he?
JoJozilkree 6 months ago
I have a Ronco Deitometer 4000.
Dogul 6 months ago
Thanks for the post
Nikogrel 6 months ago
I'm at work, but bored. Too quiet around here today. Regular semester hasn't started, and the ones that started early aren't here today. Just quiet...
Arashigar 6 months ago
Going to Vegas today yay
Maramar 5 months ago
Ok. We can compromise. I am selectively closed-/open-minded.
Mezigul 5 months ago
You mean when he claimed to be a prophet in Mark 6:4?
Ner 5 months ago
Typically not one's own child, no.
Mikree 5 months ago
It is not bigotry.
Arashisar 5 months ago
I said nothing about her weight.
Young boy with mature woman

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