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"There hasn't been a U.S. Military draft in over 45 years, I think you are safe"

Could I come up with an excuse. You deserve a kind and gentle man to love and cherish you.

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Free flat bottom boat

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Dakazahn 11 months ago
Who ordered the firing of cruise missiles in the direction of Bin Laden to deflect from the Lewinsky scandal? Osama took offence for some strange reason!
Mazurg 11 months ago
It's been the best reality we can describe for decades now: electrons are both waves and particles, but not both simultaneouly: it depends on which you are trying to observe for.
Voodoosar 11 months ago your opinion. Got it.
Dakinos 11 months ago
Sorry my friend, if you?re really interested in knowing this, you will get for yourself. That makes it personal for you.
Akibei 10 months ago
Not acceptable? I would challenge that it is always acceptable to use the same language used on you.
Yorg 10 months ago
That's actually a kind of hostile response to a rational comment I made.
Malalkree 10 months ago
Evidently he was, he refused to sit down like his buddy did, they tried to put him in a choke hold and obviously he resisted by trying to stay glued to the wall. I think the number of punches was a bit out of line, if he'd just sat like his friend did there wouldn't be anything to discuss.
Goltilabar 10 months ago
In that case,
Vidal 10 months ago
Show me this "spectrum" you reference.
Tujinn 10 months ago
PREACH. Catch that D, lol [denied guys.. not the other one].
Guzil 10 months ago
When I refer to your ignorance, I refer to it in a particular subject area. For all I know you may be a professor of something at a university. I would not presume to guess your education level. However, if you show ignorance on a particular subject and yet insist on pontificating about it, I am justified in calling you on it.
Mikacage 9 months ago
That you're completely unable to accept scientific fact.
Gam 9 months ago
plain and simple truth.
Doshakar 9 months ago
What an evil man Mueller is.
Dubar 9 months ago
BC. Well done as usual , you drove another spike into the cross that some wish to bear.
Dot 9 months ago
That rarely happens due to the cost of labor it is normally the otherway around. But if a product is produced in that manner it will not say "made in america" by law i believe it has to say" assembled in america with foreign and domestic components". Yet thst is still better than flat made in china...
Zulujinn 9 months ago
The majority of that 19% are going to be Muslims.
Yozshushakar 8 months ago
Fair enough. You never know, I may come across a post of yours one day in the future when you do feel the need....
Grozil 8 months ago
Without video, this picture tells you nothing. Did the bike provoke a reaction from the police or was she simply riding her bike as you suggest.
Fenrilabar 8 months ago
Damn that's a scary situation! Only thing scarier in my book is waking up hearing the Tornado sirens blasting you out of a deep sleep.
Jukazahn 8 months ago
I know that and you know that but most christians, not so much
Zulutilar 8 months ago
It was a bloody joke, get a life and a sense of humour people.
Arashirr 7 months ago
Me too and sweet valley
Taushakar 7 months ago
Your recycled failed excuses and meaningless unsupported propaganda do not represent evidence of the existence of "Jesus" or any of the ever changing legends that started to appear in edited and compiled book form in the late 4th century.
Brazil 7 months ago
If you know anything about the ideological conflict going on in the Western universities currently, I would even venture to suggest that it's not merely "unjust retribution", but a "planned and crafted retribution".
Yorr 6 months ago
"Most men are easy", probably true from 14 through 25 - 30. At some point most of us become a bit more discerning. Maybe hindsight from past conquests and unintended consequences.
Doule 6 months ago
Yes you were. Just admit it. Does it help your ego to demean people who disagree with you?
Gugis 6 months ago
Scared the daylight out of me! Would love to take it in again! lol

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