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From: Mazuzragore
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""That's not proof, but it's sound reason to believe that gods are invented.""

As the room filled with applause and the smiling faces of everyone lined my vision, I began to feel a hot burning anger of betrayal. Jake's mouth hung agape, "you're telling me I did that.

I also know that he turned off my cell phone. I was on the bottom, and her on top of me.



I think thats all. "May I speak freely?" This sounds serious. She smirked then put away her breasts, and then faced the class. "Hey sis. "Tell me what it feels like, worm.

I order the girls to thier assigned beds, leaving one for me to sleep in. After several weeks of no bondage I felt like an addict in withdrawal I had a tremendous need to feel helpless again.

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Tulkis 9 months ago
Go wash some laboratory glassware.
Kehn 9 months ago
If, for a minute, we take god out of the equation. In other words, you have to give reasons why homosexuality is wrong but you cannot say 'god said so'.
Yolar 9 months ago
What are you doing about global hunger, besides eating dinner?
Murn 9 months ago
He's come in on me in the middle of a panic attack and calmed me down countless times... No one else can do that for me.
Zujora 9 months ago
Same. So creepy.
Gacage 8 months ago
Their eyes, however, are exactly as squishy as yours.
Mer 8 months ago
I have central air. ??
Mojind 8 months ago
" You are now saying that morality is more subjective than it is objective." No, I asked you a, you side stepped.
Vor 8 months ago
Step up to the plate and present your evidence for creationism. You act we atheists have never seen your stupid arguments and lies before. We all have which is why we are not creationists. Let's see what you got.
Tejar 8 months ago
Wouldn't it be the most awesome thing ever if Rodman got the Nobel Peace prize?
Malakasa 7 months ago
Not wasting my time combing through my posts or yours looking for things you and I both know you have said.
Tobar 7 months ago
The Pope said you believe in ancient myths. I'll take his word for it. Are you afraid to face reality? I can hear you breathing frantically. Calm down little fella, I won't bite you.
Zumuro 7 months ago
Melli is a very wise woman!
Mikashicage 7 months ago
i am pro-choice
Digrel 7 months ago
PLEASE tell me how to justify spending poor people's money so that ONE man can fly in ostentatious luxury...
Kile 7 months ago
Mod on mod crime. Juicy!
Maushakar 6 months ago
Free will is an illusion. What is your next thought going to be? See what I mean?
Melabar 6 months ago
It does! Rolls right off the tongue.
Zululmaran 6 months ago
10 minutes of googling and a calculator.
Gakinos 6 months ago
...and started his speech while Wynne was conceding.
Tudal 6 months ago
"Culture evolves. Evolution is glacial in its pace"
Kiganris 5 months ago
Serpents are in the bible. Approved.
Kazrakus 5 months ago
If a god is for something, what is a god for? Only to explain why things are there. People are perfectly fine not pretending to have explanations though. Gods are in every way unnecessary.
JoJot 5 months ago
You're a demon because of your aggressively hostile disposition. Not because of your non-belief in God.
JoJosar 5 months ago
Ok so mighty nite time for me so I?ll throw this out at ya...
Vukus 5 months ago
None of my business what people stick into their own holes. Just be smart and careful. Don't end up like the guy that poured concrete into his butt.
Zologore 4 months ago
Holy deflection batman. Were we talking about Ford?
Dagrel 4 months ago
In general, I would say that this is not cool. But sometimes you need to take into account the actual dynamics of the relationship between the teacher and the student. I've had teachers who were very fun with the students and something like this could have been laughed at, even by the student at the receiving end. The article even said that the teacher and the student have an excellent relationship. And the article didn't have a statement from the student, which makes it seem like this was an inside joke.
Nigor 4 months ago
Rarely do I cite wiki but seems ok here
Arajar 4 months ago
There is nothing bigoted in referring to facts. Someone who crosses border of a country illegally while not being in danger is not a refugee but a criminal. Countries have borders for a reason.
Zuzahn 4 months ago
Is this a great country or what!! Thanks to Uncle Sam's travel club. LOL
Gor 3 months ago
As long as their is mutual respect for each other it doesnt get in the way.
Free sex toy catalog in mail

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