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Rules of thumb for space frames in metric

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"Dems were pleading with her to retire while 0bama was president because they know what I said is true."

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Rules of thumb for space frames in metric

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Vudolar 9 months ago
Me 2......GBY?.......that's what you say when someone SNeeeeeeeeeezes.? ! Atishoooooooooo ! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Mam 9 months ago
It is written, by the word of the lord were all the heavens made and all the hosts of them, by the breath of his mouth... there is the three right there in that statement.. The Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. and these three are ONE !
Moogushakar 9 months ago
Thank you for another deep and penetrating analysis!
Faumi 9 months ago
Obama had a republican congress. Congress controls the money. So how did the democrats reduce it?
Samuk 9 months ago
What this does is make me reflect on society as a whole.
Voll 9 months ago
Jay-Z and Beyonce were together for around that amount of time before getting married.
Daisho 9 months ago
Just mentioned Orwell?s books were very prophetic.
Majinn 9 months ago
I don't recall him ever filing bankruptcy, unlike some other "economic genius..."
Kajigore 9 months ago
Not the same as what Waters has called for, and the owner didn?t grab his family and follow Biden to the next place and try to chase him out. You leftists are pursuing something you?re wholly unprepared for and pretending it?s going to work out well for you. Good luck with that. When the bloodshed starts just remember someone told you folks this was a bad idea
Nami 8 months ago
My 18 year old grandson understands them. Amazing!
Shakahn 8 months ago
I love that you think you know how it would be if it was actually god. That's rich.
Mezijin 8 months ago
I can't remember where I read it, but I think it was an IDF commander who revealed they were working off of profiles they'd generated of Palestinian agitators and targeting based on that info. I get the sense that is the methodology the IDF was using in Gaza and it seems this report would confirm that strategy.
Nikobei 8 months ago
What's a "theological lens"?
Sashakar 8 months ago
RA1. He spoke the spiritual language as do others that speak in ?tongues? .
Kajizahn 8 months ago
It contained the "stuff" that would become matter once the expansion started.
Zulukasa 7 months ago
and after all this time, it still irks the shit out of you
Kazidal 7 months ago
I think if you compare the Lord's Prayer to the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) you will see the difference in the Catholic approach, and why it isn't worship (direct or idolatry). In the Lord's prayer we ask God to intervene, to forgive us our trespasses and our daily bred, to deliver us from evil. We are approaching God as supplicant. In the Hail Mary no prayer for action is made, they person praying simply praises her for her role, and blessings. The only thing "asked" of Mary in the prayer is that she pray for us. She is not asked to "do" she is asked add her voice to ours before they God that she and we worship/

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