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Asians right to vote

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From: Kemi
Category: Reality
Added:8 months ago
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"Yes. Satan does not exist in my world view."

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Asians right to vote
Asians right to vote
Asians right to vote

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Gashicage 8 months ago
So he didn't die?
Bajinn 7 months ago
Are you calling me a racist slur Vagabond?
Shanris 7 months ago
Guess I need to go tell my friend that he's wrong because some guy on the internet with a masters degree says it's not possible regardless of what he sees.
Zulkigore 7 months ago
She asked me to do something for her.
Arashiran 7 months ago
You know what happens when you assume
Faern 7 months ago
Newsflash, same sex marriage bans were just overturned 3 years ago.
Akisida 7 months ago
Jesus came back to life through His own power and authority, which are the same as God's own. As Jesus Himself relates it, it was His Father's command to do so.
Yozshukree 6 months ago
Well, I'd have to say being married to my husband is something I've been told is a sin but probably is my favorite "sin", as I cannot imagine my life without him.
Arashikus 6 months ago
Is that a challenge?
Shakazshura 6 months ago
Except Christianity is not supposed to be about supporting any traditional lifestyle, what ever that means. It is supposed to be something different and calling Christians to be I?m the world but not of the world. It sounds like you want Christians defending the world, not changing it.
Makus 6 months ago
Prayer doesn't work. Action does. And if God is so all powerful, he can fix things. He doesn't. Therefore he isn't all powerful.
Aralkree 6 months ago
"considered" by whom to be scientific fact? I may "consider" you an idiot... does that make me 100% correct that you are?
Shakazshura 6 months ago
Instant idiot. Just add water.
Akinoll 5 months ago
Or... IF carbon dating were to confirm a biblical old testament event theologians would have to reevaluate a god sized day (so to speak). :) Time itself would shudder (for some of them).
Arashishicage 5 months ago
To be fair, hospitals gather sick people together because hospitals contain central resources that those sick people need. Having hundreds of people with access to medical staff and supplies on demand would be incredibly difficult to do in a decentralised manner.
Malasida 5 months ago
"It has resulted in our present Secular trinity me, myself & I"
Golticage 5 months ago
D. ( Edit:who is this we you keep referencing, I doubt if you are royalty and find the inappropriate use of ?we? as a personal reference as indicative of a psychological issue)
Fenrirr 5 months ago
I think he did those mecum car auction things. Above my head kind of shows..
Yotaur 4 months ago
Cut and paste where i said that
Voodookazahn 4 months ago
Wait.... they have a new Ribbentrop in the government?
Nazilkree 4 months ago
See: I told you that declaration of Independence would make you all miserable.
Mezir 3 months ago
On Copernicus: Catholic Cardinal Robert Bellarmine condemned Copernican theory, writing "...not only the Holy Fathers, but also the modern commentaries on Genesis, the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and Joshua, you will find all agreeing in the literal interpretation that the sun is in heaven and turns around the earth with great speed, and that the earth is very far from heaven and sits motionless at the center of the world...Nor can one answer that this is not a matter of faith, since if it is not a matter of faith 'as regards the topic,' it is a matter of faith 'as regards the speaker': and so it would be heretical to say that Abraham did not have two children and Jacob twelve, as well as to say that Christ was not born of a virgin, because both are said by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of prophets and apostles.
Bragar 3 months ago
And your evidence for this is?
Kagazahn 3 months ago
Paul's theology is the same, this is clear;
Vudozshura 3 months ago
The PC's outperformed expectations, esp. in the popular vote, and the NDP under performed. What the he!! happened to that poll that had the NDP at 47% and the PC's at 33% ? That pollster should be put out of business for good. .
Kajilmaran 2 months ago
Why? Because he could think circles around you and almost anyone else alive?
Nikozahn 2 months ago
He was a hottie. Should have kept his pants zipped.
Faezilkree 2 months ago
As a RPer I often make characters who are fairly to extremely devout in religions, even in sci-fi games. Example is a Star Wars I even created a Mandalorian version or the Opus Die where that character was a apart of. Serving the goddess of Justice.
Zulkimuro 2 months ago
Must everything align?
Mukus 2 months ago
so it's ok to break the rules because others do. Why is it ok to eat on a train that doesn't allow eating on the train?

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