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Cebu girl sexteen scandal

Cebu girl sexteen scandal
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"Hey lets elect Hillary Clinton and get more US Ambassadors killed!"

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Muscular Lesbian Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers and Teen Slave

Muscular Lesbian Bodybuilder Ashlee Chambers and Teen Slave

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Cebu girl sexteen scandal
Cebu girl sexteen scandal

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Goltigor 11 months ago
A person can have as many bowls as they want until it is gone. This is just for the picture.
Feramar 11 months ago
It is not convincing at all. I am not going to go about changing a persons view, they need to do that. I am and have always argued disprove their so called proof.
Fejinn 11 months ago
There is also no mention of the slaughter in any Jewish or Roman writings and there certainly would have been if it had actually happened.
Tajas 10 months ago
Jews control banking, media protocols of the elders of Zion
Nijora 10 months ago
FYI, communists have killed more in just the last 100 years than any other group in history even if you're including God in that number.
Mikasida 10 months ago
Can't date you because you whine and complain too much.
Tegrel 10 months ago
No noble lie needed. Only inspiring metaphors and more appreciation of the interpenetrating flux and role of the Godhead. People, enhanced by AI, will less likely accept knowable overstatements (lies?), whether or not thought noble.
Kazilar 10 months ago
Hate to tell you, but that's a protest.
Moogugis 9 months ago
And then quickly abandoned it as totally unworkable.
Faunris 9 months ago
Didn't Obama use this same policy for 8 years? And Bush before him?

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