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"You are a homophobe and a known liar. I posted a link, you asked for. The you claimed it was invalid, then when you found out it was peer reviewed, from a well known and respected school, you ignored its topic and its findings and quote minded the damned summary and tried to act like it backed up our ignorance."

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Dougore 8 months ago
Unfortunately, I don't have my phone with me. :(
Fenrigar 7 months ago
What kind of "western idea" are you talking about? The RCC and its Inquisition that kept Europe in the Dark Ages for 1000 years?
Fenrijas 7 months ago
Is reality a reason?
Fenrigami 7 months ago
Thousands of Americans, under their Constitutional rights, do not stand for the NA, salute the flag or sing patriotic songs. It is their Constitutional right to choose to or choose not to stand for the NA. This has already been decided by the SC.
Dagrel 7 months ago
I've been put on Xanax and took one this morning. While I don't think it's going to turn me racist like that evil Ambien, please forgive me if I seem more dense than normal.
Kagakinos 7 months ago
Don't bother. The combination of my age and legal expertise affords me the knowledge that I'm right and you're wrong. You're welcome! :)
Akinomuro 7 months ago
"he sounds like a con man, not a believer."
Dosho 6 months ago
She has every right to sue. They doxed her
Zulkigis 6 months ago
Would you believe I have actually never had a martini?
Necage 6 months ago
The H-2A Program lets farmers to hire immigrant workers for the season, provided there are no or not enough American citizens to do the job.
Moogukasa 6 months ago
Reading comprehension should go up on the list of Democrat priorities after November, since it seems the opposition sorely needs it.
Nezuru 6 months ago
Thank you. I also appreciate you and your views my friend.
Nikora 6 months ago
Okay, go ahead and prove that to me and I will believe it.
Faujind 6 months ago
Lol no I don't but thanks, I'm certainly flattered. You and Cujo have a blessed evening.
Tatilar 5 months ago
You missed the word ?discussing? in my statement.
Faunris 5 months ago
LOL. I am dying.
Gojin 5 months ago
I am talking from a general concept for the discussion to be productive as u said, i can answer your Misinterpretation of the islam motivations of what u have asked, but it will make too much deviation from the original core of this discussion. But if u want a breif answer, yes islam permits a limited contact of violence and gives the authority of applying this violence to the govermental authorities only and not for individuals. And don't tell me that other religions don't permits certain violance within there instructions regardless to crimes they punish upon.
Dojora 5 months ago
The thing about engineers is that we're forced to deal with the real world. We are the scientific method on steroids - everything we think is tested to the extreme. Biologists deal with what already works, and when it comes to evolution, I think they are a rather delusional about what it takes to make things work. Evolution sounds reasonable as an ex post facto explanation, but makes no sense as something that would happen if you could take yourself back to primordial conditions.
Shacage 5 months ago
Care to provide a rundown of your qualifications in biology, including education, fields of specialty, experience and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific publications? Without these, you are incompetent to opine on any aspect of evolution.
Dor 5 months ago
SoS You have good eyes. I still don?t lie.
Faushura 4 months ago
"?People hit and run people all the time"
Kigasar 4 months ago
No. Atheism isn't a worldview. Is the answer to a single question. Perhaps you meant humanist or secular or some combination of both.
Zugrel 4 months ago
It is wrong to mutilate children, male or female.
Dijora 4 months ago
We aren't discussing the Iliad.
Dalar 4 months ago
And what are you, Mohammed?
Akikasa 3 months ago
No, by all means be a vulgar little tramp. Say whatever you want without any fear of reprecussions. I guess you'd have no issue if someone said that to your daughter? Or wife? Or maybe in your case, your husband. The left just hate it when they get called on anything. Don't they?
Zulunris 3 months ago
Perhaps you are missing the entire point. I'm not interested.
Dokree 3 months ago
Or hairdressers: "I'll send you mine if you send me yours" type of "Deal"!
Mazukasa 3 months ago
How about teaching the Koran in public schools? You okay with that?
Kahn 3 months ago
This is what I was referring to:
Gohn 3 months ago
East Berlin in the 1970s.
Nirr 2 months ago
Some are evil. They are the ones driving the bus. The stupid just repeat what they are told. But then you have to think totalitarian collectivism is evil. They can think about that on the hungry nights after they get their wish.

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