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"Your faith in Christopher Hitchens is inspiring... She was alive and knew about his criticism when it was published, the only response she had was "He's forgiven."..."

After your touching story, how can I not want to share this with you since Mary pointed me in the flnder direction. After a brief discussion of the weather, Eric thought "This is a great chance to bring up the subject of sex and just maybe I will get lucky.

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Salmaran 7 months ago
We are made of dust, and with the breath of God in us. We are Adam.
Tygotilar 6 months ago
I lack belief that an atheist can believe in morality
Moogulrajas 6 months ago
"Eastern Front was in USSR. There was no such country as Russia on the map."
Moshicage 6 months ago
Gay isn't a separate class of person. Everyone has sins they they deal with, and some are born with a greater struggle with some sins than others. Homosexuality is like any other sin, and some people are born with more of an inclination to this particular sin. But in the same way that someone struggling with violence isn't allowed to be violent just because he's struggled with it his whole life, homosexuality doesn't become right just because someone has struggled with it since birth.
Muzahn 6 months ago
Do you really expect more from politicians than yourself?
Shaktisho 6 months ago
Besides, some people fine legalise sexy
Necage 6 months ago
That's cause' you don't know Harlem Huppies ;) Seriously, they play off Harlem's past and live there as if they're ghetto.
Bagami 5 months ago
Seems to me you are pushing your agenda: we've got two people writing about the same city at the same time. Both use oratory to convey political points. They actually both mention the same character in Alcibiades.
Samurisar 5 months ago
No assumption at all. No competent parent would have allowed the ongoing exchange that lead to this.
Mibei 5 months ago
What statues of Founding Fathers have been removed from public property?
Malami 5 months ago
How is it you -as an atheist- don't know how YOU define the supernatural?. All atheists I have debated equate the "supernatural" with flying spaghetti monsters or invisible pink unicorns, etc.
Mat 5 months ago
1: Because the Bible are full of inconsistencies like this
Gohn 4 months ago
That's not the same crime there. One is called manslaughter, the other is called 1st degree murder.
Doulabar 4 months ago
But you are bigoted and hateful by your own admission.
Brajin 4 months ago
You could make that argument for Jainism, the more extreme the belief the less violent they become. Christianity however has a violent history, in the name of God.
Zulkimuro 4 months ago
Per the NAACP training I have seen (this was 30 years ago), everyone is a racist. The issue is whether one acts on that racism, and whether one seeks rationalizations to increase, or methods to decrease it. An anthropologist I know assures me this is true. If the NAACP, and my anthropologist friend are right, then per your standard, nobody can work in any supervisory position!
Visar 4 months ago
What if I were to change the teapot to a sportscar?
Shaktit 3 months ago
so your dog knows good entertainement when he hears
Nakasa 3 months ago
The next 1000
Dur 3 months ago
You call it hell, and hell is imagined as being a burning place. To say you know that as hell is not supported by anything other than an ancient book of mythology. To now say it is just being separated from god is an apologists version.
Mazura 3 months ago
Do you really think a Republican did that?
Junos 2 months ago
If She didn't have ovaries, She'd be my Father.
Kazigore 2 months ago
I'm old, okay? And I grew up in a small, isolated town. The first time I ever say a lady with a tattoo was when I was eighteen, drunk, and stopping by McDonald's to pee. I was shocked! Shocked I tells ya! She didn't look easy, either. She looked like she could kick anyone's ass.
Mezizahn 2 months ago
I fully admit to concern myself more with the pattern of the dress than the whole underwear question.
Tygozshura 2 months ago
and you fake news
Grobei 2 months ago
Most went to Republicans.
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