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Health club gay austin

Health club gay austin
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"Is Jesus truth? Because Hinduism could be truth as well."

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Health club gay austin
Health club gay austin
Health club gay austin

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Kagakus 10 months ago
Care to describe what is silly about evolution, that is after you provide a rundown of your scientific qualification, including education, experience, fields of specialty and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific publications?
Dikus 10 months ago
You mean the god you cannot prove to exist.
Kezuru 9 months ago
Again with minimum wage. I don't care how much you make.
Zular 9 months ago
they have no concept of what is right or wrong or even punishment for that matter. A finite crime doesn't deserve an infinite punishment not just for the guilty party but EVERY human born afterwards
Duzragore 9 months ago
...and then turn around and rob it blind 10 fold
Dugor 9 months ago
All types of fears produce nightmares. If one 'fears god' the nightmare will become one's ongoing darkness within one's dreams. However, if one is at peace within one's self, and with the illumination of the Love of God, then the dreams are peaceful and intuitive, one can learn from their dreams.
Vudoshicage 9 months ago
The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:
Mikakree 8 months ago
At least skip the river cruise. Too hot during the summer.
Kill 8 months ago
Jews have no record of him and he was a Jew. Messiah is a Jewish belief. Historians do NOT believe Jesus as described existed. Historians at most will say he was just a man that got himself killed.
Taulrajas 8 months ago
As part of the move, I came across my copy of the following book by the late, great, Douglas Adams.
Taular 8 months ago
So you do not believe the report that they were able to test DNA from a 400,000 fossil? Or that the fossil was 400,000 years or both?
Gazshura 7 months ago
Why are you putting words in my mouth. I certainly believe kids can think for themselves. What I don't think is right is for children who have gone through a really difficult time to be used to push gun control. A) they are too emotional as it is and B) They are not the experts in the subject. simple as that.
Vudoll 7 months ago
God can not be proven or disproven. It is not the job of the athiest to prove god exsists. Most theists say that believing in god is a faith thing. People of religion have many different versions of the god and yet no theist demands proof that each version of god be proven.
Nikot 7 months ago
excuse me ... I do not think this is related to kindness ... but it is a duty and a right of men
Nikor 7 months ago
Ok,thank 4 ur opinion??
Kajisho 6 months ago
So you deleted my comment based upon your transcendent opinion? Some nerve huh to think you have a moral high ground to do such a thing, and what about my right to free speech in all of this? .....
Zulkira 6 months ago
There are lots of Western Ideas. I referred to a Western Idea. The idea of free speech, freedom of thought, personal autonomy and responsibility, respect for the dignity of others, good faith and good will. For competent free thinkers, this is not hard to understand.
Nikot 6 months ago
I don't see any post on this thread where you rip the GOP current debt increasing plans.
Vur 6 months ago
So are you saying Jesus is stupid then? Because hey, he was the one who supposedly made that statement, which your reply would actually apply to Jesus, who supposedly said it. And hey, isn't Jesus the Son of God and knows everything just like his daddy?
Shakatilar 6 months ago
I will say that wearing a burka in an ID photo undermines the whole purpose, so there?s that. It?s possible to be against the one and supportive of the other without being hypocritical. But I?ll grant this story does make for odd bedfellows.
Mulrajas 5 months ago
If god made us, don't you think He has a little more right over us? He is the author of humanity.
Zusho 5 months ago
I saw it in an article a few years ago (don't ask where because I won't remember, off-hand) and it spoke about the need to avoid gaining or applying a fortress mentality. Probably was speaking about the dangers of fundamentalist attitudes.
Kekus 5 months ago
No one will attack me....
Mitaur 5 months ago
Great rock music. Chokers. Overalls and baby shirts.The Rachel. Terrible eyebrow game. Keanu Reeves.
Zubar 5 months ago
"Why not consider...Goddidit once more?"
Voodoozilkree 5 months ago
For the second time
Maushakar 5 months ago
Great example of the genetic fallacy :)
Marn 4 months ago
I'm sure. I'm not blaming her. I'd be nervous about getting married under normal circumstances.
Tojajar 4 months ago
Yup. It's called something like... superfetation? Hold on. Lemme look it up.
Kagam 4 months ago
Seriously, dude. What does your belief have to do with this discussion?

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