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"And the earth was without form. The earth wasn't formed until the third day. In the heavens and the firmaments were the building blocks of the earth. And I agree that there isn't a time frame referenced until the fourth day, when the sun and the moon were put in place. The first three days IMO equal billions of years."

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Outdoor Exhibition Massive Squirt with a Banana by Vic Alouqua

Outdoor Exhibition Massive Squirt with a Banana by Vic Alouqua

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Mpg apr teen virgin
Mpg apr teen virgin

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Kazragrel 11 months ago
Zombie raccoons mutate. It happens.
Yozshusida 10 months ago
Over and over we see fundamentalist forced birthers claim abortion is murder. Seems like you answered your own question. Again, get your god to knock it off, then we'll talk.
Doulrajas 10 months ago
*shrugs* read my next comment. It's going to depend on the woman's anatomy and preferences a bit too, but generally there's a work around.
Melkis 10 months ago
How dare you??
Mijas 10 months ago
I agree. They are afraid of death. And many are afraid of life too. That is why there is faith in gods. Fear. As stated.
Kagaran 10 months ago
I guarantee you that I have more knowledge about all policy issues than you sir. You seriously have no idea what you are talking about. It's comical.
Tojajas 9 months ago
The way not to do that Doc is to blow up the agreements in place and levy tariffs whilst alienating your closest allies and trading partners all over the world...China, the EU, Canada, Mexico...
Kigabar 9 months ago
Was the Youtube video as a source a clue?
Meztigore 9 months ago
So, which god is the true one and rest fake?
Darisar 9 months ago
Is this like those weather reports, where we can give the "feels like" number?
Nigor 9 months ago
If he would have died from a tow truck hitting him, they would all be wearing little tow truck necklaces.
Vuramar 9 months ago
At the moment, pending further information, God does not exist.
Vudojas 9 months ago
In fairness, Ivanka is part of Trump's White House team which makes her a legitimate target of satire. That being said, Bee was a little harsh, especially since her rant involved Ivanka not stopping her father's immigration policies rather than something she herself had said or done.
Zolokinos 9 months ago
You've yet to post any facts, and your questions are easy to answer.
Tojashicage 9 months ago
No. Christian can be a set of cultural practices. Belief isn't needed. Faith is needed to get to heaven; not to partake in the sacraments.
Kazilkis 8 months ago
But in Reno the reception can have a serious buffet.
Faet 8 months ago
How many engineers does to take to satisfy a woman???
Faurr 8 months ago
He doesn't have to. He's winning Bigly.../s
Kizragore 8 months ago
Get used to it ;)
Kazrakora 8 months ago
Gee - and you say there is a difference, isn't that peculiar?
JoJojas 8 months ago
The question I have about this is... why is there a telephone in the restroom? And why is it free???
Tukora 8 months ago
The JW proofs that Jesus is not divine are a whole lot of fun though. "Well, that's not how you're supposed to read scripture!"
Nikoshura 7 months ago
The same people who don't join the military are the same people who don't wear a poppy on November 11th....Besides that, who would join a military that isn't wholeheartedly supported by the government. JT gives more money to First Nations than he gives the military.
Dourn 7 months ago
This may be adequate for the scientific mind, but ignores the
Voodoogis 7 months ago
Or maybe he had too much?
Volkree 7 months ago
No, sorry Anna, Earth is not fine just the way it is. It is sick and getting sicker each day.
Migrel 7 months ago
Legally, you can not be forced to give your blood, much less your kidney. I do not find abortion immoral, I often find it the moral and logical call to make.
Vudodal 7 months ago
Now you are just being disingenuous.
Meztizuru 6 months ago
Well they are either ignorant or liars on the issue. If they believe the Earth is 6000 years old they are dumb as bricks. If they know it isn't but claim so anyway they are lying.
Voodookinos 6 months ago
No paper owned by Postmedia is worth reading. They can't even fix their own finances.
Vulabar 6 months ago
They just throw it up there to see if it sticks. Large numbers of useful idiots will now repeat it.
Voodoozuru 6 months ago
I thought it looked more like propaganda but that's just me.

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