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Truth Most Russian Women Are

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"Dec. 2006 and were married June 2007. And no, she wasn't pregnant. ;-)"

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Truth Most Russian Women Are
Truth Most Russian Women Are

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Kagasho 1 year ago
Claiming to be a Christian doesn't make it so.
Mem 1 year ago
Why do you think slavery was wrong?
Meztikazahn 1 year ago
"that could have been my son" - King Obama
Zulugar 11 months ago
Yea so hes 2-1 now
Tauhn 11 months ago
There are great people, but at the moment it's a harsh theocracy.
Nikojar 11 months ago
I hear you but do not forget that before the "Samaritan carpenter" took action there was a bit of a hill that park people had to navigate. Even though the users of the park notified the City that it was dangerous they did not act. For those that slipped and fell while going down the hill we can only thank our lucky stars that the city wasn't sued into the poorhouse....After all, the politico's must ensure that we citizens never, ever injure ourselves when out and about in the wilds of Ontario.
Badal 11 months ago
Nazism had nothing to do with socialism, other than adding socialist to the party name. There was nothing socialist, either politically or economically, about Hitler's Germany. One of the first things Hitler did after taking power was arrest and imprison the socialists. He built Dachau specifically for the purpose of locking up socialists and communists. And fascism came in to existence specifically to oppose socialism. Read some fact based history some day.
Vudogore 11 months ago
Who form the institution?
Gugar 11 months ago
I think you can hold them responsible without endangering them or lacking empathy for their plight...
JoJokasa 11 months ago
Okay, then let me rephrase: In most cases where women aren't being allowed to leave the house without wearing a burqa (which is the group you're aiming to "show support" for) do you think they will be somehow more liberated by banning public wearing of the burqa? Or do you think they will just lose the freedom to leave the house?
Vudocage 10 months ago
So, you think the Bible is false here?
Sashakar 10 months ago
If you appeal to the OT to support an anti-gay agenda, then yes, you do.
Zulubar 10 months ago
Glad he's about to die.
Akinojora 10 months ago
Everyone who worked with Hogan got over. Winning isn't the only way to get over in wrestling. Don't forget that McMahon was calling the shots and kept the belt on Hogan. You don't kill the golden goose.
Grora 9 months ago
I used to fake it bc I simply could not have one with anyone and got sick of men treating me like a f*cking challenge to their masculinity. ?Oh it?s gonna happen for you with me,baby? uh,no. no it isn?t.
Vudohn 9 months ago
Well said Dan.
Dor 9 months ago
Rhetoric and propaganda. I know your delusions.
Kezil 9 months ago
So stealing and claiming they?re your own words? okay?
Sharisar 9 months ago
The ruling was that he did not receive a fair hearing from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, as they displayed open hostility or animus toward his religious beliefs, as opposed to merely ruling that religious objection to gay marriage did not entitle him to an exemption from the antidiscrimination law.
Kajigal 8 months ago
This is so silly. I wouldnt apologize either.
Gojar 8 months ago
This may not have been a criminal action, but you stated "he's not a criminal", I simply asked how you knew that. If you're clear, I will understand.
Vudoshicage 8 months ago
I?m sorry, I assumed the original statement and your own response would be easy to understand. What part didn?t you get?
Shasida 8 months ago
Tu eres mejor??
Tomuro 8 months ago
every land mass on earth is an island
Meztikinos 7 months ago
You read minds, too?
Dubar 7 months ago
I'm guilty accidentally overlooking things while cleaning myself. The only way I've ever made it work with people like your wife is to tell them yes, I *do* need it spelled out like I'm five or it won't get done the way you want it. Ask exactly how she cleans -- products used, soak time, special attention to certain areas etc. Run a checklist by her of everything she wants before you agree to clean, even if it feels silly.
Samukinos 7 months ago
Thanks. I wont need it. But my neighbour has great tits and a fantastic singin voice.
Dalmaran 7 months ago
Sure you're not a little conflicted?
Nalmaran 7 months ago
That would be a foolish thing to say. Most liberals are not that foolish.

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