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"One needs objective information on Islam to prevent impulsive reactions."

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Bragor 9 months ago
Likewise, if the Courts ruled in favor of the couple, I'd be able to go into every Muslim-owned bakery and demand a cake with an image of Mohammad on it- a strict violation of their theological beliefs- and by precedent they would have to oblige.
Mijinn 9 months ago
Are you a BOT or something ? Or did you think I meant they literally asked for it verbally ?
Tok 9 months ago
no, what i'm saying is that perhaps the same process is happening in the islamic world
Tausida 9 months ago
America: We've got the biggest moron as Commander in Chief!
Goltihn 8 months ago
Whats on tuesdays?
Vigami 8 months ago
I do. I understand it is absolute bullshit. There is no god and all that stuff. It is an invented cult.
Kakazahn 8 months ago
And even that dating may be off by 1000+ years.
Kajilar 8 months ago
I just linked to you a multipage discussion in which an intelligent and articulate defendeer of lackerism failed to defend that view, and withotu reading it you declared it to have failed. THIS thread is about bad reasoning by atheists, and you yorself are exhibit A.
Melar 7 months ago
I love old books. I collect them.
Medal 7 months ago
So you are saying kill them off and take their organs. It could work. I think it would be good idea as well to take organs from all prisoners to make them pay for their time in prison.
Aragis 7 months ago
You are funny. I provided you the direct quote of what he said. I showed you how create and invent are synonyms so using one or the other is irrelevant.
Zulkikree 7 months ago
It doesn't go bad; it just turns into penicillin.
Bacage 7 months ago
By shoving Genesis 18 down our throats? LOL
Tejas 6 months ago
Do as you like, he is trolling at this point. Its pretty clear what he did.
Yole 6 months ago
Very. Unless one wanted to go 45 minutes west on US 50 to Dodge City. That place is *cosmopolitan*...
Shakadal 6 months ago
A process for God isn't a natural process. Reincarnation and resurrection are "natural processes for God", but they aren't natural.
Darisar 6 months ago
"The evidence is the dog did not bark in the night!"
Shazragore 6 months ago
I'm glad that everyone was ok, aside from the woman's wound in her hairline.
Kerg 6 months ago
I'll be there if you don't watch it!
Mekora 6 months ago
well, it works then!! lol
Tashicage 6 months ago
It's cute when Bob G tries to comment on disqus.
Zulkikus 5 months ago
I loved that show. It was horrible but fun.
Voodooran 5 months ago
Oh my God that's hilarious......
Kagadal 5 months ago
Ell, he is no longer a child. As for the rest, any approach would need to be contextualized. The issue has numerous levels. I was an infant when I was touched inappropriately in a way that knocked me upside down from the impact of the recollection for years, 5 in some basic terms, and in terms of having derailed my educational plans and changed the context of my hopes and dreams, forever. In that case, the only issue is that a victim survives in the first place, and finds a foothold for his/her identity.
Gabar 5 months ago
Care to prove the existence of this god of yours and your and your bible's conversance with the will, nature and acts of this god of yours. If you can't, you are making claims to knowledge you don't have and this makes you a two-bit fraud.
Broadclyst woman looking for sex

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