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"And therefore no one has been killed in the name of atheism. Now, theism is a different story."

"I changed. He had been to her house after school four or five days in a row now. " "Again?" "Yes, but this time it's going to be for three witchcrzft.

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Free teen witchcraft spells
Free teen witchcraft spells
Free teen witchcraft spells

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Sajinn 10 months ago
Have you gotten enough of an outrage fix yet for the evening?
Samulrajas 10 months ago
What a leap of faith it takes to believe that! What about all those "scriptures" which didn't make it into the Bible? Now you have to also believe God was inspiring those who chose which books would go into the Bible.
Kasho 10 months ago
I've listened to dozens of atheist explain their worldview. Chemicals in motion or bags of chemicals are not my concepts they are from atheist teachers that have YouTube videos. Maybe you don't believe what other atheists believe and that's possible but would you eliminate that man is made in the image of God than what are you left with? In a Christian's perspective man is created in the image of God but without God you're left with man is just a bag of chemicals. Now it's possible some atheist elevate man and give man some importance but that is just an arbitrary decision which is not based on any fundamental truth. And in the atheistic concept there really is no truth there is no good or evil it's all arbitrary. Again you might not hold to that but that's what your atheistic brothers are teaching.
Bralabar 9 months ago
How about Schuylkill?
Arakree 9 months ago
I just asked a question. Not passing judgement. But you are I see.
Nem 9 months ago
Pretty Hate Machine! I will play that sometimes while Ubering. Confuses the youngsters.
Goltilabar 9 months ago
So does McCabe rat on Comey to save his own ass or does the DOJ have enough overwhelming evidence on both of them where they don't need him to cooperate ?
Jukasa 8 months ago
Yep. Sad what we accomplished. As you said. God never had a hand in that. But let me show you where God does have a hand.
Daizilkree 8 months ago
There is not a Jewish God vs a Christian God vs Krishna vs Brahman vs Thor etc. Only the hype about them is different. The Krishna devotees will tell you that and they have lots of gods.
Yosar 8 months ago
Baptizing dead people is not what Paul is talking about at 1 Cor 15.
Juzahn 8 months ago
We still haven?t hired a wedding photographer we?re letting the coordinator do it but I hope it?s not $3500
Malazragore 7 months ago
A win is a win is a win. Also, watching the slow death of Democrats by a million little cuts is just fun...sick...but fun!!!
Dirr 7 months ago
How is this even relevant?
Shaktinos 7 months ago
No, You are equating God's law & man's law.Jesus did challenge
Tojanos 7 months ago
Yeah.... not many men totally disabled by fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue by age 42.... Thanks! You?re a sweetheart.
Tasar 6 months ago
No. We humans define words and we almost all agree that that which willfully harms or destroys human life is what we define as "evil" and that which enhances, protects life is what we term "good." These terms are objectively based on the value of human life itself. Metaphysics is where they give you a menu with 10,000 items on it and no food. It's BS.
Vumi 6 months ago
I want to make a small distinctinction that is significant though I think. I think it's important to distinguish being saved by faith in Jesus and being saved through following Jesus' teachings. A key point in Protestantism is salvation through faith <alone> and not through works or even a combination of faith and works. This does not in any way absolve us from following Jesus' teachings of course. But this follows from faith and salvation, it does not precede it. The thief on the cross produced no fruit of works, but it was his mere faith that led Jesus to say that he would be with him.
Vushakar 6 months ago
Problem is, it only takes one time. -_-
Digore 6 months ago
Of course He did, and He does today! You are angry because you cannot disprove Him, and too proud of yourself to admit your need for Him.
Yokus 6 months ago
Damn are you dumb. Three religions, Jewish, Christianity and Muslim all worship the God of Abraham. That is why they are called the Abrahamic religions. You obviously live in your own little world of make believe. You will never find my knowledge deficient, Bubba.
Kajilar 5 months ago
Why do you hate dogs?
Kazrakinos 5 months ago
It wasn't his "child" though. They claim it was GOD himself in human form.

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