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"I have no idea what the Pope personally thinks, but yes Catholic doctrine is that any mutually acceptable sexual expression is licit for a married couple so long as the lovemaking is open to procreation."

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Photos of cytherea squirt
Photos of cytherea squirt

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Nik 6 months ago
I see the OP's point, and he posted a tell in his article as to why he believes himself a loser.
Dami 6 months ago
Atheists by far
Arasida 5 months ago
I think what's practiced is so routinely bald-facedly evil, immoral and contrary to what's written that it's not worth attending.
Akirr 5 months ago
that's my relationship LOL
Kim 5 months ago
? breakfast ?
Faele 5 months ago
"Do you feel we should be allowed to pick and choose where our tax dollars are going?"
Teshicage 5 months ago
Wow. I love how scared you are of one woman.
Yozshugore 5 months ago
Don't stand underneath a flock of geese.
Gogore 4 months ago
Considering it's only been nearly 18 months, moving the rate from 4.8 to 3.8 (a decades low value) is encouraging.
Voodooran 4 months ago
I love how close they all are.
Malabei 4 months ago
True. Thank you for sharing ???????
Mazugore 4 months ago
Your point #1 seems like little more than an Appeal to Authority logical fallacy. Yes, many philosophers proposed various defenses for belief in transcendent causation, but none of them are conclusive.
Gagal 4 months ago
Nope, you judged her religion to be heretical by your definition, and by association you said the same thing about Dan's wife. You, as all fundies seem to be, are a judgemental waste orifice in the posterior region.
Shakakree 3 months ago
Understood; towards the latter half of the he talks about Quantum Mechanics and how things happen one way when they're being observed and then another when they're not (observer affect), and things like that which led 'father of quantum theory'Max Planck to conclude that consciousness is what created matter.
Voodoojas 3 months ago
Since you ignored my question: Does man have eternal life?
Vudolabar 3 months ago
Those are Fascists and a KKK collections.
JoJogis 3 months ago
You have no proof of that. All you have is a devotion to a book written by mortal men 2000 years ago, with 2000 year old morality that you accept as truth.
Tygojas 3 months ago
Do you believe in miracles?
Kajimi 2 months ago
you make my heart sing
Nikus 2 months ago
YES its completely crazy
Mikagore 2 months ago
Dawkins has gotten filthy rich by scamming the miserable and broken.
Zolosida 1 month ago
You missed it. The decision was only about the case handing by the Co. State Commission -- not a judgement against the gay couple.
Meztinos 1 month ago
-lol!!- wonder if he could find us on a map?
Taumi 1 month ago
Name one European country completely controlled by Muslims. I'll wait.
Nemi 1 month ago
Your education is your responsibility, not mine.
Yozshukree 1 month ago
Been there done that already...if you were reading you'd know. But them it is beyond your comprehension that someone could be a believer and then no longer believe. When they claim they couldn't they can't back up their claim, when asked to prove it.
Duk 3 weeks ago
Regardless of how you want to define ?god?, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the population purports to believe in a deity. If anyone has numbers that show that people identified as atheists have a higher body count then the other 80 or 90% of the world?s population I?d like to see them.
Kill 3 weeks ago
I will NOT give you a manicure... I am a foot man... heh...
Vilar 2 weeks ago
Not really, how words are used in common prose may not be identical to their literal meaning. The word 'literally', in common prose, is literally used in the same way as the word 'allegorically', which is what the exact opposite of the word means. "I'm literally going to explode if you keep that up!" See?
Gardanos 1 week ago
Translation: You keep NAILING it--and it gives me the sadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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