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Picture of a vagina during menstruation

Picture of a vagina during menstruation
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"I was taught that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary zero evidence. Same with a human coming back to life after being dead for 3 days. Zero evidence."

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Uncensored Japanese waitress butt inspection and fingering

Uncensored Japanese waitress butt inspection and fingering

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Picture of a vagina during menstruation

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Gardakinos 8 months ago
But it all got knowledgeably written and considered authoritative very quickly. Excluding Revelations... what's the last written epistle of the New Testament, and how late after Christ's death? I think the last gospel is assumed to be John.
Dilmaran 8 months ago
What's the whole Yanny Laurel thing about? I'm so confuzzled.
Terg 8 months ago
CALI is a sh!tshow. They actually passed a law (prop 47) that turned property crime into a misdemeanor, another prop let thousands of criminals out of jail to ease overcrowding. Throw in the law that says it's perfectly okay to pitch tents on the street or live in a car and you have an apocalyptic mess with crime off the charts and dangerously mentally ill walking the streets. messing up voting doesn't surprise me, it seems as if this state goes out of its way to make life difficult. citizens here are nothing more than walking ATMS with a fee, fine or tax for everything.
Doulkis 8 months ago
Nope. I've always thought it's about getting your leg-over!
Fera 8 months ago
Jesus was answering the priest's prayers. Or he doesn't exist.
Tygosida 7 months ago
Lets skip all those, k.
Tam 7 months ago
When the Romans conquered the Jews it resulted in mass murder.
Vijas 7 months ago
You know it...or you can...or you will know it.
Kazikree 7 months ago
No. Your explanation is exactly backwards: Jesus said there's no problem paying tribute, and the trap laid for him on idolatry is specious.
Kigatilar 7 months ago
How do you form opinions about subjects of which you know nothing? Surely you read news? Which news do you choose?
Zujar 6 months ago
Sooooo private, unlicensed, and church run "pregnancy centers" are now no longer required to tell you they are not licensed health clinics....... Religion wins again in the supreme Court. I can hear the flush of American intelligence going down the toilet that the right are mistaking as the "draining of the swamp"
Malalkree 6 months ago
"Not all gays no, but it depends on the abuse, how often it happened, who did it etc."
Tezil 6 months ago
Long shots happen
Vubei 6 months ago
He literally makes me sick.
Shaktijin 5 months ago
Crazy how something you know "wasn't real" can affect you so much. Hope your day turns upwards.
Keshura 5 months ago
yes turdeau gets off on that stuff
Zulkilabar 5 months ago
DeSantis is sounding like the 'Pied Piper for the Unhinged Right'.
Akinora 5 months ago
How much do you think total federal spending is on military, air safety, land safety, the EPA, the DOT and education?
Vudonos 5 months ago
Being leered at is never fun.
Dogis 5 months ago
If you choose not to get them, does that make you lazy? Do we give hand outs to the people who chose not to take these steps?
Zologal 4 months ago
I guess seeing as how you deem African "civilization" to be no different than that of Europe you might be able to explain the phenomenon of countless millions of Africans slaughtering and raping their way across their own continent for access to the northern coast so as to get to Europe? Eh? You might be able to explain why their's and countless other Muslims presence has brought new heights of rape and general crime all across the board escalating madly - ?
Kazradal 4 months ago
He said he wasn't coming back.
Zulujar 4 months ago
They are ditching it. If please cite a source for that because that would be news for actual biologists.
Tejora 4 months ago
Some people let the evil in hem become dominant.
Nikokinos 3 months ago
Sounds like the god of the gaps. Don't know what the cause is so we'll just call it god for no more reason than we want to. Alright, thanks for the conversation.
Yozshubei 3 months ago
On your friends, coworkers or anyone that is willing LOL
Garisar 3 months ago
So what? So... you're just ranting about some other topic besides the OP. That's what.
Kajirr 3 months ago
No Jehovah for sure.

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