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Pictures of naked women in the 1920s

Pictures of naked women in the 1920s
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"Ellabulldog, I pray that my posts here are never about me."

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Pictures of naked women in the 1920s

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Akinoran 8 months ago
Based on your responses, it appears all of them. Every argument is countered with "religious liberty." You're like a broken record.
Katilar 8 months ago
umm, i would like a cookie if we're handing things out. or a macaron.
Fenos 8 months ago
I don?t have a problem with Catholics (the people), just the institution
Fek 8 months ago
And? How is that a "trap" if it doesn't affect the argument in any way? I think you were so enthusiastic with the idea of getting someone into your obvious "trap" that you forgot to think how it affects the argument.
Megis 8 months ago
Although not impossible, last dog I had, had a double-coat. Mosquitos could not get through it.
Nikoshicage 8 months ago
Wind moves things like dry leaves and wind meters. Even if we did not ?experience? wind personally, there is ample objective evidence for wind, and for the gases of the atmosphere of which wind is composed. Not so for a ?god? or what such a hypothetical being is composed of.
Vudole 7 months ago
Funny how the OP forgot to mention that.
Malataur 7 months ago
What can or should the Church do to regain its relevance in modern society?
Daigor 7 months ago
Professional politicians are never the best choice. God only knows what will happen after they get elected in, but unfortunately good guys and gals ain't interested in being involved in politics.
Gutilar 7 months ago
I'm not sure you understood what I was saying about Stranger in a Strange Land. It's short on plot and long page count. I read it, but I did not enjoy it. The concept could easily have been condensed into a short story or novella.
Mik 7 months ago
OMG I'm watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the first time. It's hilariously funny.
Zulukasa 6 months ago
my rollercoaster must be on a down hill today ;)
Arazil 6 months ago
Revision of the hack's identity! He is Osama the Bengali ass bandit from Tower hamlets.... his curry breath and goat stds announce his stinky presence!
Mezikus 6 months ago
LOL, based on what?
Mazugal 6 months ago
Looks like it
Vishakar 5 months ago
I?m sure you regularly drink cheap beer and eat hotdogs in your trailer Sling Blade, what makes it funnier is the fact you do it with pride. ;)
Mozragore 5 months ago
Stupid things like this make it quite apparent that the pendulum of "social justice" has swung past the point of being effective and far into the realm of absurdity. If things like this keep happening, it will lose mainstream support and will be relegated to the status of a fringe group. Society isn't capable of perpetual change and at some point a movement has to stop and say "That's enough for this generation, we can continue the progress with the next." because if it doesn't, people will start saying "Oh Christ, not THEM again!". It has already started happening and I expect that if it continues, there will be a social backlash that will invalidate some of the progress that they've made. You can't undo what has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years in just one generation. No creature on Earth is THAT flexible.
Tazil 5 months ago
Dude if you actually read J Adams list 1-9 he gives reasons based in pure logic as to why Christinity is the most plausible religion. It has nothing to do with him ?believing? all other gods false. It?s about him studying all possibilities and drawing the logical deduction that Christ is the True God and the Church is His True bride. It?s based in study, not solely ?belief?.
Fekinos 5 months ago
it's a little optimistic
Molkree 5 months ago
Oh look. A text without a context appears.
Tull 5 months ago
He should have thought about that before choosing to break the law.
Mikinos 4 months ago
I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Voll 4 months ago
A valid point, however, I would say the same applies. Being offensive is integral to freedom of speech.
Kazraran 4 months ago
Not all celebrity endorsements are beneficial. If racist celebrities begin endorsing your product, consult their doctor. Ambien may not be right for them.
Vohn 4 months ago
Yes, Illegals exist, but they don't have to. We can either man up and do what needs to be done to keep them out, or just lay down and die while they take the nation down the shitter.
Bajind 4 months ago
Calm down Paul,ok,ok you're not the opinion police...sheesh
Yozshuktilar 4 months ago
And, unfortunately seem unable to support it.
Nazahn 4 months ago
Actually it isn?t there.
Arat 4 months ago
You are full of shit. Do you have any evidence you want to submit, you weak minded fuck?
Tojalabar 3 months ago
They are the Babies and older Children of God. They have to grow up. They need to focus on becoming fully Grown. Their they will find the wisdom of Jesus.
Ninris 3 months ago
Fundamentalism, whether islamic or christian will have the same potential for some real bad stuff.
Daigar 3 months ago
In Israel, women only make up 20% of the armed forces, and I think that's the highest participation rate in the world. But the Israelis aren't doing this for the sake of gender equality, they have conscription for both genders out of necessity.
Daibar 3 months ago
seriously, I don't even care XD
Arabar 3 months ago
I wonder what she' would've done if he said "men's wear"

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