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Susie breast cancer story contest

Susie breast cancer story contest
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"I guess what I'm saying is: The frequency of the crime shouldn't affect the punishment for that crime to prevent it from happening, especially you're just talking about prevention."

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Susie breast cancer story contest
Susie breast cancer story contest

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Grogis 6 months ago
LMFAO I did not call YOU a racist, but hey, if the shoe fits? YOU should wear it.
Vulabar 6 months ago
"... but that's not the point."
Zur 6 months ago
Can?t deny that
Vikasa 6 months ago
Really? they got to dick with Buddhists now? com'on man.
Vudorisar 6 months ago
Nice OP. It is certainly a way of thinking 2500 years of Buddhist thought might affirm.
Yozshuzilkree 6 months ago
LMFAO...Va5n is wrong as he is using the usual denialism fallacy called the No True Scotsman.
Yozshukasa 5 months ago
Grab 'em by the pvssy!
Mazulrajas 5 months ago
False, I DO know who is and who is not a Christian.
Majar 5 months ago
Nahh nahhh u staying lol
Keshura 5 months ago
OK in my universe supernature is those things we are yet to understand. What do you mean by it?
Kezilkree 5 months ago
Very good list. Don't forget the ultra rich catholic church and how it accumulated it. And how it is its own boss, justice, banks, admin.. No women.
Mazull 4 months ago
You must live outside Ontariowe.
Goltijind 4 months ago
oh Goodie NO politics, so this is where I can ask you and Zangie to gather your fellow inmates and head over to Banned Camp to vote for your favorite SNOWFLAKE!
Nilar 4 months ago
Not if she made it seem like she was trying to prevent them from getting in trouble. But being like "YOU CAN'T GRILL HERE! Thanks for the hotdog, it's amazing. TTFN" that's a dick move.
Karn 4 months ago
You're an atheist now,
Faera 4 months ago
They should go on super secret probation!
Akinojora 4 months ago
i find it more fun!
Samurn 3 months ago
The history of the CIA is well known.
Goltishicage 3 months ago
His vagina is bruised.
Nikomi 3 months ago
In the Colorado court case the baker was targeted. Other bakeries were available.
Gum 3 months ago
I like your last sentence.
Tukasa 2 months ago
He wanted to put his face in Stella?s tits
Vudozshura 2 months ago
And, I'm a Christian AND also a healthy skeptic. Not sure if that possibility skews how you viewed it or if that's what you were measuring, such as how many religious people consider themselves skeptics.
Vorg 2 months ago
You do sometimes. When you get on your back, there?s a little bitty ? snort? once in while.
Dugal 2 months ago
I unblocked you too.

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