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"Ok so it sounds like your wife is a Protestant, which is a heretical belief and you are right these sects often portray different versions of god. But there is only ONE God, so again that would mean either your wife is ?wrong? or I am ?wrong? but we can?t both be ?right? in regards to Absolute Truth. Since Jesus founded ONE, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, I?m banking whichever false teachers founded your wife?s church is likely to be the one in heresy. One Bread, One Body. My God is incredibly gracious and merciful, but that doesn?t make Truth any less true."

Cripes she's sexy. And Ronnie Ronnie had one hundred percent of my attention.

Horny Tranny devours a huge cock

Horny Tranny devours a huge cock

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Forward" Mr. "You boys remember that hoity-toity lawyer you had last summer. That fuck had treated her like his personal whore, and she thought it made her special.

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World s hottest teen
World s hottest teen

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Vugar 9 months ago
Right now, we're talking about what's he's claiming.
Kashakar 9 months ago
Yeah...that is my confusion...I'm not sure if that is what james means or not, which is why I asked for clarification.
Voodoosar 9 months ago
Been out of the dating game for a long time myself, and I was money-clueless when I was there. But here is something I have observed since then.
Brall 8 months ago
Who are these "Christian fundamentalists"? And also what does the idiotic term "white nationalists" mean? Is there a nation called white?
Mit 8 months ago
Are you perhaps thinking there's 'no such thing as "MIS"-interpreting'? as if it's not a possibility. Come on. Everyone has done that; plenty of times.
Arashir 8 months ago
I am simultaneously intrigued and horrified. and I don't even wear makeup.
Guzragore 8 months ago
The biblical narrative contains a textual formula that marks the end of each days activities. If you count them you'll see that Adam was created on the 7th day and God rested on the 8th day. Note: The scribes omitted the blessing in the 2nd day but inserted it in the middle of the 3rd and 6th days. The idea of a Sabbath rest is of late origin. The Bible records no such observance in any portion of Israel's "history" prior to the Exodus from Egypt.
Tauzil 7 months ago
Google images of professors holding their student's babies while teaching. I don't even like dealing with other people's children but these images are so freaking sweet.
Goltisho 7 months ago
Thank you very much for doing that. I really appreciate it.
Vor 7 months ago
That's quite true! And if the claim you reject has only two possible conditions, then by rejecting the one you ipso facto accept the other.
Grorn 6 months ago
Interesting standard you have for your self. Lower then the one you set for Trump . Sounds like personal issue.
Yozshutilar 6 months ago
You're on a Disqus channel called "Religion."
Shakagor 6 months ago
It is just a story of men doing what the woman wants to keep peace. Not always the right course of action. Again, it shows why we act as we do.
Akicage 6 months ago
Another ad hom. Are you going to say dhimmi system which gradually destoryed local culture was a blessing for the conquered nations?
Maunris 5 months ago
I couldn't agree with you more.
Groll 5 months ago
Right to worship, not the right to incite to violence.
World s hottest teen

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