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"Posted one from NBC. Please, educate yourself, don't be a useful idiot."

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Ginger Bush Lauren Phillips Gets Punished By Milf Sara Jay!

Ginger Bush Lauren Phillips Gets Punished By Milf Sara Jay!

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Barney big brother naked
Barney big brother naked

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Basida 6 months ago
When it is setting record after record related to GDP yes it has been an issue.
Taujin 5 months ago
When you and I are dead and gone back to stardust Sherlock Holmes and Luke Skywalker and Kal El and Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker as well as Dr's Ock and Doom and Darth Vader and Captains Jame T Kirk, Jean Luc Picard and Nemo plus Bugs Bunny and Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin etc and even the gods will be around as ideas. So in the long run who really "exists"
Daijin 5 months ago
I didn?t just say study.
Zulkirisar 5 months ago
Lois a baker has a license. A business license. As such he has agreed to follow the law and to serve everyone equally and to not discriminate. If he does not like it he can choose to be a private club operation open only to Christians. He is breaking the law. It isn't about his faith it is about him treating others illegally which in a secular nation is NOT protected by his religion. The rights of everyone come first.
Nirisar 5 months ago
The argument is essentially that we can?t allow vouchers for private schools if they are Christian because of SOCAS.
Shakarn 5 months ago
As you know this for a fact, you should have no problem substantiating it.
Tagrel 4 months ago
But your god burns most people.
Arazilkree 4 months ago
So you are bi-sexual then, good for you to come out in this way.
Yorg 4 months ago
That's because you can't see period.
Nir 4 months ago
The tax is constant , but you support the ones that making gas (And Hydro) go up wildly !
Yozshuzilkree 4 months ago
Being leered at is never fun.
JoJotaxe 4 months ago
Careful, you might get PETA backlash. :)
Mezidal 3 months ago
Honesty and ?niceness? are not diametrically opposed concepts.
Dudal 3 months ago
Blocking is so childish.
Mezizilkree 3 months ago
There is absolutely truth behind the Russian collusion story. It is just the collusion was on the part of the Clinton Campaign through Fusion GPS and Steele.
Mikazuru 3 months ago
Aah. The very reason the priesthood had Jesus killed, they knew (quote BT) "its their revenue stream that is at stake".
Samutilar 3 months ago
Your claims are unsupported and confounded by much evidence.
Gardaran 2 months ago
The off topic topics are too far on topic to be off topic!
Mozuru 2 months ago
You need to stay out of public restrooms.
Samurg 2 months ago
Yes, I had the same discussion about 15 years ago with a man who said exactly the same thing about Christianity right after saying the exact opposite, that it was the DUTY of moderate Muslims to take on radical Muslims, about Islam. However, moderate Christians taking on Radical Christians "wasn't their responsibility!" I asked him how he could possibly demand they do something he refused to do?
Arashisida 2 months ago
And how much time have YOU spent with him behind closed doors? Sounds kinky to me.
Mugrel 1 month ago
Nonsense. Just more nonsense from a liberal.
Malagor 1 month ago
ok, if they procreate, the risk of problems is significantly increased in the offspring. For that reason, it is wrong
Grodal 1 month ago
"We know very little about Mary's conception."
Douzshura 1 month ago
No, the culture is the result of their barbaric nature. Many nations have tried to civilize the Negro, and all have failed. They're the only race that has never once built up a thriving community. They are entirely incapable.
Kigarr 1 month ago
Yer just jealous........and short. Pineapple stunts growth by the way. Now you know.

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