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Free naked latin babes
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"I have no problem with kids singing religious songs if they want."

Now I have an announcement to make regarding some staffing changes. I opened my zippered pocket on my bathing suit and reached in to feel latim.

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I'm sure he can tell you.

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Free naked latin babes

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Groran 1 year ago
Well. you tell me. How many recorded gods are there currently and how many in prior mythologies? Are all of them the same? Wasn't it men who wrote or made up all the stories? I don't see any one of them that says, "written by god". If there is only one god, why wouldn't the inspiration to write the stories be exactly the same all the time across all the religions? The real truth is, you can't prove god any more than I can disprove god. The thing is, my concept does not tie me down to a deity that has done many despicable thing and require fealty. Mine doesn't take people's rights away or make certain groups as second class.
Nagal 1 year ago
Is that from the 30's?
Kegami 11 months ago
Well, if you want to view this as a black or white matter, then I have no sane choice but to believe that he was literally crazy.
Tautaur 11 months ago
Your medicare payments don't come close to what private insurance for a medicare-aged individual would be in 2018. Therefore, you're subsidized. It's not rocket science. The longer you live, the more heavily you will be subsidized.
Manris 11 months ago
This conversation wouldn't take place in the East because they have the concept of "dharma".
Kijar 11 months ago
Thanks Jero. Why are we talking about 19th-20th century stuff?
Kazrat 10 months ago
What is obvious, is that nature allows animals, plants and whatever to evolve according to environment, climate and food supplies. Everything changes, in one way or another.
Feramar 10 months ago
I do hope you are on here in November so I can say? I told you so ?
Gunris 10 months ago
So you deleted my comment based upon your transcendent opinion? Some nerve huh to think you have a moral high ground to do such a thing, and what about my right to free speech in all of this? .....
Arasho 10 months ago
The bible does say the universe or earth are 6000 years old, it only says Adam & Eve were created then, which we do have evidence for. Jews and Christians falsely extrapolated a 6000 year old universe based on a misinterpretation
Maujin 10 months ago
That's the way to go and it is truly the meaning of freedom of religion.
Julrajas 9 months ago
Not to mention horrible salaries for the people entrusted to educate and monitor our youth for roughly 8 hours a day for 9 months of the year. Schools in disrepair. Textbooks old as hell. Etc, etc...
Jutilar 9 months ago
I GOT THE RECEIPTS!!!!!! Wait.....I don't think that applies here.....
Vogrel 9 months ago
Fox News still scares the crap out of democrats.
Faelmaran 9 months ago
The internet was probably a mistake, or at least 100 years too early.
Faern 9 months ago
well - Jesus' followers always kept Sabbath Holy - still do - you don't.
Zulkijas 9 months ago
That whole entire piece makes me want to slice his mouth off of his face, cut out his tongue and bury him in a landfill to match the filth he's talking about. Bet he wouldn't talk that sh!t to an ordinary person on the street because he knows he would get his a$$ beat or killed on the spot.
Kajishakar 9 months ago
Does Maxine represent the 43rd district?
Araran 8 months ago
True. One day we can return the favor and white wash them out of existence.
Shakalkis 8 months ago
I get up at the same time every morning
Fegrel 8 months ago
Also from the same man who, after dumping on trump during the campaign, went crawling to trump to beg for the Secretary of State position.
Niran 8 months ago
And sometimes those scientists will change drastically when confronted with new evidence or new methods of observation or analysis.
Mezisho 8 months ago
Memories ?? ?? ??
Faelrajas 7 months ago
You are a fucking moron.
Vudojin 7 months ago
Wienersnitzel in San Angelo had the best fries.
Nikorr 7 months ago
So the US can punish Canada to make a headline and there are no repercussions? Might makes right?

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