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Halia fucked had 18

Halia fucked had 18
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"lmao, because YOU say so?"

It was a medium sized SUV. I was about half way.

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------ The best was yet to come. OMG.

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Halia fucked had 18
Halia fucked had 18
Halia fucked had 18
Halia fucked had 18

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Goltitilar 1 year ago
"I know because the kids being shot by careless gun owners guns aren't typically being shot by thugs guns but their parents or relative.
Arakree 1 year ago
No, Idon't think so.
Tokora 1 year ago
Obviously Mexico is going to pay it! GOD!
Vudogor 1 year ago
Sounds like you put careful thought into the well being of your dogs. That's excellent.
Vudojora 1 year ago
XD I'm married ^^
Bakus 1 year ago
That doesn't change anything. It's still a denial of service.
Samuk 1 year ago
What? What point could he possibly need to make? He always makes points through violence and then tells us how awful we are for turning away. He really should know much better ways to make a point as a god instead of brutish violence. Again, you assume first he's perfect and right from the start instead of just reading the holy book and seeing him for what he is.
Dot 1 year ago
Is she having sex with her coffee? Because, I'm not against that.
Daikree 1 year ago
Here... I will answer again:
Shakamuro 1 year ago
Making Americans Grow Angry.
Kizahn 11 months ago
We figured that out while we were still at TA. That?s a big part of what led me to the idea of starting TAD. Regular trolls were PITA but organized Neonazis were beyond what I was willing to tolerate in order to interact on line. I found the Disqus ?create a channel? page. TAD was born. Then a whole lot of other people began spreading the word and getting us organized.
Faegar 11 months ago
So in 10 to 15 minutes the war is over?
Vigal 11 months ago
Yeah. And it was a respected restaurant too!
Kazilabar 11 months ago
Am I bragging again? Darn! I hate it when I do that.
Kigadal 10 months ago
No the Golden Rule makes perfect sense. If we want to live in a world with rules, they have to apply to everyone not just ourselves, we can't expect from others what we won't ourself give.. As social animals we derive pleasure from being empathy, from doing a good job, from helping others. We make a better place for those we care about and in turn a better place for those who we care about care about.
Mazut 10 months ago
Which laws of God? Whose interpretation? Which denomination?
Fenrigal 10 months ago
You mean that you have witnessed. Paul and John and the other apostles say differently. Why should I take your word over theirs?
Brakinos 10 months ago
totally agree. And kind..very kind.
Shaktirr 10 months ago
I like this answer.
Vozshura 9 months ago
Holy doing laundrey. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to spell it.
Meran 9 months ago
If, in deed, you are a Christian your focus should be on those who give Christianity a bad name. According to the Bible lukewarm (fake?) Christians are worse than unbelievers.
Zulkishura 9 months ago
me? bhwahaha youre the one that cant copy and paste a link into a comment, hows that for stupid and lazy? "plenty of stories" ...<----was that it?
Samugor 8 months ago
I've been hospitalized (more times than I'd care to count) and it has always bugged me how tightly they tuck in those hospital beds.
Zulkis 8 months ago
Yes, all the scientists and learned people are lying. They are a part of some giant conspiracy. They meet in a secret chamber in Mt. Rushmore, inside Lincoln's nose, coming up with lies to annoy theists.
Fenrijind 8 months ago
I know because there are no cases that have been verified ever. It's always some guy who saw a guy that knew a woman who saw some charlatan heal someone.
Gobar 8 months ago
It's clear as mud. If consciousness is the requirement for life, then you should have no problem pulling the plug on a coma patients who will fully recover in a few months. After all, they are unable to have consciousness and wouldn't be aware of anything if you ended their life.
Vuzuru 8 months ago
Again, I have repeatedly asked theists to provide the scientific evidence for the existence of this god. Again, they have refused each and every time. Again, get them to provide this evidence they insist exists, then we'll talk.
Halia fucked had 18

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