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"BTW, with regard to dogs as an example of micro-evolution transitionals, dogs are products of intelligent design : humans deliberately bred them. You see such a wide variety of dogs over such a short time frame specifically because they"

"You scared me. I chose to believe the latter.

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Hot hung gay cowboy
Hot hung gay cowboy
Hot hung gay cowboy
Hot hung gay cowboy

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Mamuro 11 months ago
As long as they can provide for their children, it is their business how many they have.
Vusida 11 months ago
Failure? In science, no well crafted (per the scientific method) experiment is ever a "failure". If someone calls a well crafted, objective, scientifically sound study on ESP or any subject a failure because of disappointment with the data obtained, that person is not or no longer is a scientist, but an advocate with a personal interest in the outcome which is antithetical to the scientific method and represents a kind of "bias". Its essentially taking the same unreasonable position as the advocate of ESP in reverse. Right?^
Mojinn 11 months ago
Forewarned is forearmed. Shawn clearly has some integrity issues. Jake needs to know this, if for no other reason than to make sure everything to do with Shawn is clearly stated, written, and vetted by legal counsel when appropriate. Not to say that these aren't good ideas in all cases, but Jake needs to know to be especially cautious when dealing with this dude. He doesn't need to shut things down, necessarily, but CYA is clearly called for. If Shawn tries anything crappy, Jake will have the wherewithal to protect himself. It could even turn in a chance for Jake to demonstrate his own integrity should things get wonky.
Yozshutaur 11 months ago
Oh, let me see. Christians persecuting others and spewing intolerance towards others, is ok. But anyone giving back to Christians what they put forth? Why that is bad and persecution of Christians. Talk about a double-standard of hypocrisy.
Shakacage 11 months ago
I think you were polite. I'm not faulting you for that, just curious to hear the supporting reasons for your conclusion.
Zulkis 11 months ago
I use "pieces of evidence" - 1. because it's the common use and 2. not to leave it to chance that someone may think I read or listen to too much AiG.
Meztirr 10 months ago
^^^^^^^TARD = Trump Acceptance Resistance Dementia
Mesho 10 months ago
Nazareth existed as early as the first century BCE, as evidenced by the coins and pottery found at the site that date to that time. If it didn't exist until the third century, archaeologists also wouldn't have found a house, a farm, a watchtower and tombs that date to the first century as well - and yet they did.
Akinogis 10 months ago
Well, you'd only panic if you knew they were armed. :)
Tor 10 months ago
Thanks for the link. I have no opinion on the topic.
Dagal 9 months ago
That chart only goes back to 1979, but it still seems to show a pretty clear warming trend. What's your point?
Tekazahn 9 months ago
It's been said a lot in the past and present:
Hot hung gay cowboy

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