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"Isn't it obvious that this is not about literal chariots of iron or literal ancient warfare (which history does not record actually happening)? Its more reasonably seen as metaphors for this religious group trying to spread their spiritual message throughout the ancient world."

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Lets virtual fuck with asami
Lets virtual fuck with asami

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Faezilkree 1 year ago
Ha Ha Ha. You need to look up the Templeton Foundation. Just an FYI. Evidence that you can not demonstrate is just your opinion.
Tezragore 1 year ago
At least the boulders can't hurt him in heaven. He can have them the size of marbles, every day, all day long.
Gojinn 1 year ago
Jesus couldn't trace his lineage to King David because lineage was traced exclusively through a human father in Judaism. The proof is right in your bible in the lineages recorded in Matthew 1 and Luke 3.
Shaktigul 1 year ago
"Christianity has, in the long run, proved itself more adaptable than Islam."
Zululmaran 1 year ago
Confederate Participation Trophies.
Mazubei 1 year ago
If your meals are coming out of a can I wouldn't be worrying about the expiry date of it. You on the other hand might be expiring a bit early.
Jum 1 year ago
Wrote a series about Dirty Blues.
Kadal 1 year ago
To the point about "Did Christianity aid or abet the fall of Rome" this was the era Roman emperors started killing Heretics to try to have a single creed. (Heresy was also argued as a threat to the imperial authority, since it was authorized by the orthodox God.)
Mejinn 11 months ago
How does taking less from earners amount to a grab?? Sorry, it's not the same thing!
Zudal 11 months ago
Kid shot with a 22 handgun
Teshura 11 months ago
If the younger voters show up as they did in the last federal election, the PC's could be in serious trouble.
Sajas 11 months ago
Do you need a referral? I could contact someone for you or start reposting your comments made elsewhere here so people can see the real you. It's your choice
Fezil 10 months ago
Your definition of "etc" does not fit in the definition and is illogical. Of course it wasn't a definition of "less intelligent, able, skillful" - what you wrote should complete the list, replacing "etc".
Durg 10 months ago
It started as a spiritual commitment, now it has become a way of life.
Arashir 10 months ago
Yea, I got your drift. As as a response to the criticism of cherry picking, you decided to double down and cherry pick even more.
Yoramar 10 months ago
NOC. You are most glorious.!
Taujinn 9 months ago
"Why would you possibly think I don't understand what personal incredulity is?"
Mizilkree 9 months ago
Glad everyone is OK and the neighbor called it in.
Sanris 9 months ago
I always thought this show was the best and still miss watching it.....
Shakakus 9 months ago
cavs need to save whats left of their face, lebron has to take this one, if he gets swept i dont think anyone basketball savy's gonna put him close to michael

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