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Asian art museum parking

Asian art museum parking
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"A scientific source if ever there were one."

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Rocco and the blonde

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Asian art museum parking

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Meztigal 6 months ago
But that wouldn't make sense since there is no physical 'God'. Where would he/she get off being objective?
Gushicage 6 months ago
Get in where you fit in!
Faeshakar 5 months ago
I think having to reload after 10 shots or so is a reasonable half way point.
Nanris 5 months ago
You forgot one. There are eleven commandments in Exodus 34.
Zulkisho 5 months ago
zeus - Zoos.
Tujar 5 months ago
The Mongols! Easy winners of the prize "greatest massacre of humanity as %"
Bakus 5 months ago
What was Minnie's side response? I love Minnie.
Tygogor 4 months ago
Yes: Jesus teaches that the man has a moral responsibility in how he perceives the woman, and it's not the woman's fault for being beautiful: it's the man's fault for lusting. Remarkably progressive considering this is a story from an era when women were property.
Gardakasa 4 months ago
Looks good on both him and the Liberals. Karma.
Jukasa 4 months ago
This is not good young lady. Please be careful. HUgs and prayers.
Meztihn 4 months ago
We talking about the same thing Mark? The new law suit that he wants to (or has) file(d) that says her former lawyer colluded with Trumps lawyer against her?
Turn 4 months ago
It is clear that you live a very sheltered life. I was in the United States military for 25 years before opening a business that operates globally. One of the nations that I was stationed in was the Philippines. The Iglesias ni Cristo considers themselves the one true Christian Church. The founder, Felix Manalo, claimed to be the final prophet among other things. His church routinely targets those who leave or dare to shed light on their cult.
Kagalkree 3 months ago
Had a cup of the battery acid they call coffee here in the office.
Yozshutilar 3 months ago
It?s weird how obsessed liberals and their media are with calling everyone racist, isn?t it? It?s almost like they want everyone to be racist or something, for some reason.
Shaktill 3 months ago
I'm at work, but bored. Too quiet around here today. Regular semester hasn't started, and the ones that started early aren't here today. Just quiet...
Nikor 3 months ago
Do you expect me to take a poll?
Daicage 3 months ago
Just saying 242 and 898 (Dom. Rep. I think) are used by scammers as they look like intra-country calls.
Meztik 2 months ago
So, the EXACT same thing can be said about Turdeau then.
Nikonris 2 months ago
Yes it is ...
Dizilkree 2 months ago
It's in Lee-viticus.
Samulabar 2 months ago
That makes two of us.
Maktilar 1 month ago
I guess I've lost your vote
Shakajinn 1 month ago
I mean if I wanted to marry them that would be more important to me that my college graduation ceremony. It's just a ceremony, they mail the diploma later
Groshura 1 month ago
This never ends well, you always have Christians( and others) wanting to rewrite history and others wanting to ignore 200+ years of legal ruling to enforce their religion.
Akihn 1 month ago
Pls, do not misrepresent my moral position just because I nailed your IQ on the walls... be civil and fair..
Gardabar 1 month ago
It's a trend I'd like to see reversed a bit...
Dazil 1 month ago
I think that can be true in some cases.
Shaktilkree 1 month ago
when you think about it, it's the perfect answer!
Fenrijind 1 month ago
Than you are absolutely partisan blind dude. You need to go back over this thread from an oldest first standpoint and then rethink this post. You may even surprise yourself.
Grozragore 4 weeks ago
No one who fought Hogan got over. He was a fvckin mega star. Smh. DERP
Gardasho 2 weeks ago
Not so, He knows truth. Jesus said many will call Him Lord,
Kagore 1 week ago
I would like to see more topics about celebrities....
Shakazil 4 days ago
Trump is dumb.

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