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"We have got to get as tough as nails on these murdering little would be killers, or violence will never be abated. These brats are being influenced by the disgusting violence being vomited out by the vile and violent entertainment industry."

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Adrianna Nicole Sodomized In Front Of Her Boyfriend

Adrianna Nicole Sodomized In Front Of Her Boyfriend

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Baby boy is masturbated for adult woman

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Bacage 1 year ago
Why is the Nationalist Anthem played at commercial sporting events?
Malataur 1 year ago
what an honest statement. I respect it completely
Kikinos 1 year ago
Does this feed the starving children of the world?
Vumuro 1 year ago
Since you're clearly a layperson, you might want to examine the litany of distinguished academic-level books mentioned on the following "Quora" link, covering both Old/New Testament, plus the very Jewish historical Yeshua of Nazareth: i.e., "Who Are the Best Biblical Historians for Laypeople?" (You'll find the first contribution from Dick Harfield, Jan. 11, 2018, then simply scroll-down to see the multitude of references, from both scholarly believer & unbeliever alike.)
Samulabar 1 year ago
Except Christianity is not supposed to be about supporting any traditional lifestyle, what ever that means. It is supposed to be something different and calling Christians to be I?m the world but not of the world. It sounds like you want Christians defending the world, not changing it.
Gardasida 1 year ago
The Hill is headed the way of Left Hand News. It's a big echo chamber, unfortunately.
Tagul 1 year ago
But George, what you're describing here
Arashikora 1 year ago
i truly would like a liberal to surprise me. the closest is those 2 starbucks dudes settling for $1 and a $200,000 grant to help entrepreneurs.
Feran 1 year ago
My mother used to tell me "son, if its too good to be true, it isn't"
Dilmaran 1 year ago
Subjective morality: John thinks X is good,--- (Subjective morality) // Billy also thinks that X is good (subjective morality)...
Samulmaran 1 year ago
I ain't no
Goltihn 1 year ago
Slavery is condoned in the new testament as well.
Mikacage 1 year ago
Very soon, there'll be dancing , dancing, dancing in the street.
Nikok 1 year ago
Come with an actual argument, the government doesn't make choices there. Everyone has acces to the same. The people's behaviour is just that.
Zulkigami 1 year ago
"Not all is as appears in a satan ruled world."
Vojinn 1 year ago
Can you provide statistics that validate your claim that there are violent Christians in approximate equal numbers to Muslims? Seems like a bunch of hooey.

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